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Death Stranding: the video game that emerged "as a reaction to Trump and Brexit"


Sam in Death Stranding.

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Actor Norman Reedus plays Sam, the protagonist of the game.

Sam Porter Bridges is scared. A deadly acid rain is falling from the clouds and needs to find shelter. Without their packages, the United States cannot be saved.

Norman Reedus, the American actor who plays Daryl Dixon in the popular series The walking dead, is also Sam, the protagonist of the video game.

Sam It has a full future turns. Your job in the game is to deliver messages and connect to the world.

Cooperation is the central theme of Death stranding("Death beached"), the latest work of acclaimed Japanese videogame designer Hideo Kojima.

"Individualism is what defines this era," Kojima told the BBC Newsbeat radio show since his study in Tokyo.

"We may be connected to the Internet more than ever, but what happens now is that people attack each other precisely because we are very connected"continued the creator of the popular saga Metal gear solid, from the Konami company.

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Hideo Kojima explained how he created "Death Stranding" to the Newbeat program.

A message to modern society

Newsbeat team members accompanied Kojima for three days in their production studio, to see the final hours of the creation of Death stranding, which was finally released this Friday, November 8.

Inside the studio, more than 100 employees verified that everything in the game worked as it should a few days after launch.

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Being there allowed us to have a unique vision of a title that has had the community of players rubbing his hands since it was first announced in 2016.

Something that was clear to us is what it is the message that su creator wants thatthe game transmit to Modern society

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Actors Norman Reedus and Lea Seydoux are the stars of the video game.

"US President Donald Trump wants to build a wall," Kojima said.

"On the other hand, there is Brexit, the process of leaving the United Kingdom from the European Union, and one has the feeling that there is a lot of walls and people who only think of themselves mysmore around the world"He continued.

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In Death strandingWe use bridges to represent cooperation. There is the possibility of using them or breaking them. It's all about making people think about the meaning of cooperation. "

Kojima insisted that the message of his video game is not based on any country or community: unite people It is a universal theme.

"By being connected, we have a responsibility to others. But social networks don't seem to reflect that responsibility, for example. Taking care of each other makes us feel good. We were always like this in the past. I want people to remember that and feel it in my game, "said the Japanese creator.

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Kojima also acknowledged that he "is very prone to loneliness" and that there are "similar people in the world, especially among video game players."

"When they play Death stranding They will realize that there are others like them in the world. Knowing that although we are alone, there are others like us, it makes us feel at ease. That's what I would like them to feel when playing".

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"Death Stranding" rewards players who collaborate with each other.

This is Kojima's first creation since leaving Konami to create his own studio. Before, he had revolutionized the industry with the saga Metal gear, which popularized stealth games, in which players should not be detected to finish the mission successfully.

The expectations before the game have been mixed.

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The game's trailers showed images of dead animals on the beach or a baby inside a plastic bottle. Many have wondered what this game is about.

Users have waited for years to find out, and Now the game is here.

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But cooperative games are not as simple as they sound. Player communities have been questioned by the toxic behavior of some of its members.

Some video game developers, Kojima among them, have been working on how to solve this in recent years.

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Hideo Kojima has been very involved in all aspects of the creation of Death Stranding.

Kojima's solution for this game is to offer only positive exchanges.

"You interact with other players by raising thumbs or like. Nor is there a way to interact negatively", Explain.

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"Very early in the game you begin to receive thanks from various sides of the world for placing items that other players can use. You will start thinking about others when you play and how you could help them."

Will this strategy work? Until players begin their adventures, it will not be known exactly.

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The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic United States.

How good is this game?

After a copy of the video game was passed to me, I scanned it for 40 hours. The experience very different from what I had with other games.

And it was, mainly, because it is difficult to classify. Mix trips, adventure and role-playing games.

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Have moments of great drama Keeping you in tension and getting involved in that shared online environment can be really rewarding.

But the mechanics of the game, that of delivering messages crossing an irregular terrain, especially given the size and scale of the map, can be repetitive and frustrating for players who want or are accustomed to games with more action.

This is an experience that reward patience and investment.

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The game was released on November 8.

During our time in the study, it became clear the influence from Kojima in every aspects of the video game: from the concept itself to the direction of actors and the trailer edition.

Make no mistake, this is a title shaped by the vision of a man: a very different approach from other games, which to develop a series of companies is outsourced.

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When Kojima presented his project to the team, he received negative comments. "It was the same when I proposed to create the genre of stealth games in the early 90s," says Kojima.

But when the team agreed to try Death stranding and interacted with him, says the creator that "they understood what the game was about."

Kojima not only wants players to "have a good time, get excited or be surprised", but also "reuse yours experiences with the video game in the real world".

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