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Xbox will go "great" with the E3 2019 streaming

Google may have changed the games forever by introducing its own new Stadia game streaming platform, but Microsoft is set to unify the technology giant with its xCloud project.


Following Google's first attack on Cloud Wars, Microsoft is waiting for its time with a streaming merger. The Xbox house is preparing itself ambitious "Netflix for games" cloud streaming service called Project xCloud, which will use its powerful Xbox LIVE webwork and live services to stream games to consumer phones, desktops / consoles. While Google has YouTube, Microsoft has its strengths with its huge Xbox LIVE engagement ecosystem and plans to make the most of it.

The E3 2019 will be Microsoft's spotlight, and the head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer suggests that the company will showcase its Project xCloud streaming service in bulk at the event. "Google has become big today and we will have a couple of months until we get older" Spencer said in an internal memo published by Thurrot.

"Today we have seen a great technological competitor enter the gaming market and frame the ingredients necessary for success as Content, Community and Cloud. Their announcement is confirmation of the path taken two years ago."

Fortunately, Xbox has all three of these important C. Thanks to its powerful network infrastructure, the company can channel its huge multi-platform community and game content offering for almost all consumers on devices that they already own (provided they have a decent internet connection). In addition, Microsoft has something that Google does not have: dedicated hardware on Windows 10 PCs and Xbox One consoles, all wrapped up perfectly with its billionaire Xbox-as-a-service framework.

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However, Spencer was not particularly surprised by the Google Stadia platform. Stadia probably has many parallels with Project xCloud, but there are some differences, such as the ability to launch games directly from YouTube videos (which is fantastic), and the elegant Wi-Fi controller.

"There were no big surprises in their announcement, although I was impressed by their ability to exploit YouTube, the use of Google Assistant and the new Wi-Fi controller," He said.

Microsoft should officially present Project xCloud at the event and possibly tease or announce his Scarlett's latest Xbox console family, which may include includes console for enthusiasts and medium level.


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