Xbox will be at E3 2020, confirms Phil Spencer


Xbox director Phil Spencer confirmed that Xbox will attend E3 2020. Spencer went to Twitter to confirm the news and said: “Our team is working hard on E3, and we hope to share it with everyone who loves to play what is for come us. “

Confirmation arrives right after Sony announced that the event would be skipped for the second consecutive year. After the doxxing scandal of E3 2019 that saw thousands of journalists leaking private information online, and Sony’s absence from the event, many have been discussing the decline of the industry’s big trade show.

2020 is a great year for Sony and Microsoft with next-generation consoles on the horizon. It is likely that Sony will hold its own event for the PS5, and rumors are already circulating that we can see the PS5 revealed in February.

However, it seems, E3 will prepare the scene for the Xbox X Series. While we are not sure if we will see more of the next-generation console, which has already been introduced to the world, Spencer does mention that it is “a key year” for Team Xbox, which could suggest that we get more information about the console of Next Generation.

Given the current launch date window of the next-generation 2020 holiday console, it would make sense if we could see the console even more before mid-year launch. We could also see more than one of the most anticipated Xbox games, Halo Infinite. We haven’t seen much of the next entry in the Halo series, but since it is said to be an X Series launch title, we could get our first proper look.

We will be attentive to all the latest information on E3 2020 as the news unfolds, so be sure to check for updates.

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