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Xbox LIVE subscribers reached 64 million

Active users of Xbox LIVE have exceeded 60 million thanks to strong sales for holidays, subscriptions and engagement strategies, Microsoft confirms in its latest Q2 earnings ratio 19.


The adoption of Xbox LIVE has been relatively flat in recent quarters, but subscribers and active users have been enriched thanks to the successful holiday season. Microsoft saw 64 million monthly active users on Xbox LIVE in the quarterly FYQ319 quarter, up about 8.5% year-on-year and nearly 13% on a quarterly basis. It's worth noting that Xbox LIVE connects multiple devices and these numbers reflect platforms such as Xbox consoles, Windows 10 PCs and mobile phones. This is all second floor like Xbox LIVE now acts as a connective tissue between various hardware platforms.

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Xbox Game Pass is a great driver of the Xbox LIVE involvement and the overall revenue of the game, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella confirms in the quarterly earnings announcement.

"Monthly active users of Xbox Live have reached a record of 64 million, with the highest number of PC and PC users to date. Xbox Game Pass subscribers and Mixer involvement have also touched new and historic highs. Minecraft, which continues to be one of the most popular and enduring gaming franchises in the industry, has generated record revenue as we expanded into new platforms, geographies and segments like Education ", Nadella said in the call FYQ3 & # 39; 19.

Microsoft is ready to engage more Xbox LIVE users and active paying subscribers. The company has new ambitious service plans, including its own XCloud project, which transmits games to mobile phones, PCs and consoles, as well as new initiatives such as user involvement Xbox Premi.

Mixer continues to do exceptionally well and earns revenues from advertising and monetization, and Microsoft will expand the Xbox Game Pass lineup with new titles over time. There are also rumblings Game Pass could be launched on PC soon.

Personally I would like to have more visibility on these numbers.

It would be nice to see how much Microsoft earns from active Xbox LIVE subscribers and more information on how it physically folds into other services like Mixer and Game Pass. I would also like to know how many subscribers to Xbox LIVE Microsoft is able to maintain compared to those who lose as subscriptions expire.

Microsoft is generally shy when it comes to exact figures (it stopped reporting Xbox One console sales years ago) and it's honestly a pity. The company is doing interesting things and these figures could give us more information about its complex and multi-faceted ecosystem strategy.


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