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WoW: Uldir & # 39; s best start-raid, patch-tempo, BfA-problems – Hazzikostas in an interview

from Karsten Scholz
Heather Newman, editor of Forbes, got the opportunity to talk in detail with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas about the launch of the current WoW expansion battle for Azeroth. We have summarized the most important statements from the Blizzard developer.

The launch of WoW: Battle for Azeroth is complete, with the island expeditions, the Uldir Raid and the war fronts, the players now have all the important functions of the current expansion available. Reason enough for Heather Newman, editor of Forbes, with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas at BfA, starting problems and the status quo of World of Warcraft (buy now for € 13.00) to talk. Below we have summarized the most important statements of the Blizzard developer from the Forbes interview.

  • The developers are incredibly happy with the introduction of BfA. It was a streamlined launch and a great pleasure to see how the players embraced the new expansion.
  • Of course there were minor problems, such as the delay in the auction house or the unexpected Mythic Plus rewards. But the developers were able to solve them after a few hours.
  • It is a challenge to be able to test new systems in the course of a beta version, but it is quite different when millions of players are in the live mode. Also because every WoW plays a bit differently. In other words, every time a new system comes on the live server, the developers learn something about what they have not met in beta.
  • The developers have heard the feedback from the players on the class balance during the beta. However, it is not always the right solution to immediately respond to such feedback with adjustments in balance. There are countless opinions and game styles out there. Some refer their criticism to their class during the robbery, others to my PvP, dungeons or leveling. Even if you ask three magicians for feedback that are in the same attack, you get different opinions. In the end you can never do it well.
  • In addition, as a developer, you have to draw a temporary line and postpone open building locations to a later content patch, so that you do not have to rummage with the game forever. A game like WoW will never be finished or completed, it is constantly evolving. It is important for the developers before an extension that the new core functions work and are fun. However, they do not think it's a good idea to have millions of players wait unnecessarily, just because some specialization can work with some fine-tuning.
  • It is not because many capacities now activate the global cooldown, that WoW's playing styles always feel a bit slower at the beginning of an expansion. Unfortunately, the value system entails that you must artificially withhold the players or their tempo and crit values ​​so that they can get better again. The bottom line is WoW but still a game with a very active fighting system. There are many phases of rest in no rotation.
  • For the developers, it is a high priority to realize the patch speed of the Legion patch in Battle for Azeroth. They do not want long phases in the game where nothing new happens on the servers.
  • When it comes to coordination and problem solving, the azerite system (the way you earn azerite items in the endgame and the balance of the azerite properties) and the island expeditions (rewards, procedural development of the islands) are at the top of the list the list of developers.
  • If someone is wearing a 355er Azerititem and wants to replace the part because of a strong feature against a 370er alternative, it is still in the list. It will be problematic for the developers if a 340 part is clearly better than the 385 counterpart.
  • Sometimes developers consciously avoid explaining new systems down to the smallest detail, such as the effect of the new manufacturing field in Uldir. It is important for developers that no one can encounter a snare while trying and finding out and doing something completely wrong. However, on the war fronts, Hazzikostas admits that they should have explained more in advance.
  • It was also unfavorable that they argued with the mythical plus-dungeon booty in the beta, not to mention the fact that it can cause frustration when players in the beta first pull three items out of the box, but on the live server less loot is possible. Again, the developers had to communicate better in advance to curb the expectations.
  • The reward system of the island expeditions was very unsatisfactory in the beginning, because it really only concerned the filling of the Azerit bar. There was a lot of extra loot but only a very small drop opportunity. Wasting this chance was a good start.
  • In addition, the developers want to make changes so that island expeditions feel different every time. There should be more different events, more to discover.
  • The developers are particularly proud of the design of the new continents. They are also very satisfied with the war mode, because it brings back a sense of tension that no longer exists in WoW. One of the positive things for Hazzikostas are the dungeons, who feel very different, and the way they have integrated the Mythic Plus system from the beginning. And for the Game Director, Uldir is the best start-up attack on an expansion they have had in WoW for a long time.

What do you think of the statements of Hazzikostas? You can also read current World of Warcraft news as usual on our WoW topic page.

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