Would you buy a used beauty product?

Photo: Stefan Cioata / Getty Images

How would you feel when buying a used lipstick? What about an eyeshadow palette or a face cream tub? My intestinal response is absolutely no, my concern is mainly focused on hygiene and expiration dates. But what if the product was “professionally disinfected” and costs $ 20 less than the usual price of $ 100?

The resale of beauty, products such as lipstick, skin makeup and perfumes, is now a legitimate market and is beginning to grow on platforms such as Glambot, Poshmark and Ebay. The resale market for second-hand clothing and footwear has exploded in recent years in places like The Real Real thanks to the inclination of consumers for sustainability and affordability. How fashion Deal explained in a new report, these same customer priorities seem to have paved the way for this new beauty-focused aftermarket.

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