World of Warcraft: Visions of N’Zoth patch adds a new raid, Allied Races

Later in this year, Battle for Azeroth will be two years old and World of Warcraft Players will move on to the most recent expansion of the game: Shadowlands. But before Shadowlands arrives, fans have one more World of Warcraft patch to keep them busy. The Visions of N’Zoth patch is now available and adds a ton of new content for both hardcore and casual World of Warcraft fans.

These are the highlights of the new Visions of N’Zoth patch. Scroll down to get a complete list of the notes in patch 8.3.

Corrupt areas and a redesigned PvP map

With Visions of N’Zoth, the Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossom areas are being renovated. The ancient god, N’Zoth, and his troops are attacking both areas, and players must defend them during the patch. The Deepwind Gorge PvP map also has a new design, inspired by Arathi Basin.

New Allied races and races of death knights

Visions of N’Zoth

The Vulpera finally joins the Horde
Blizzard entertainment

With patch 8.3, players can finally recruit some of their dearest allies from Battle for Azeroth. Alliance players can now recruit Mechagnomes, and Horde players can acquire the Vulpera Allied Race. Once players unlock an allied race, they can create a new character like that race. And players who pre-order Shadowlands You can now create a Death Knight of any race, including all Allied Races and Pandaren.

New late play activities

Like most major patches, Visions of N’Zoth comes with a new raid: Ny’alotha, the City of Vigil. This is a 12 boss raid that will launch on January 21. Mythic + players also have a new Affix called Awakened, which forces players to search and fight against an additional boss in the dungeon, or face him next to the final boss of the dungeon. . Players can also group together to fight through Horrific Visions, a new challenge instantiated. There is also an option to address it alone.

A new legendary mission and corrupt team

Visions of N’Zoth

Look for corruption statistics in this belt
Blizzard entertainment

Battle for AzerothThe last patch brings the Ashjra’kamas cape, Shroud of legendary resolution to the game. Players can create and improve their cape during the next months.

Visions of N’Zoth also offers corrupt items for players to win. The damaged team offers a balancing act for the players. Each piece of gear comes with a corruption value attached. The more corruption a player has, the more damage or healing they will inflict. But there are also negative effects that come with greater corruption, such as Void monsters that jump from the shadows to attack you randomly.

Official Notes of Patch 8.3

Here are the full patch notes for World of Warcraft: Visions of N’Zoth, patch 8.3

Corrupted areas: Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms

The old god N’Zoth has been released from his prison forged by the Titans, unleashing destruction and terror throughout Azeroth. The N’Zoth forces are gathered to besiege the facilities of the Titans in Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms. If these old defenses are ruined, N’Zoth will turn your nightmare visions into reality.

New raid: Ny’alotha, the city awakens

Enter where the nightmares live in Ny’alotha, the City of Awakening, a 12-boss raid set in the empty-covered heart of the former Black Empire. Face crazy heralds and inscrutable horrors, and finally face off against N’Zoth himself in a fateful battle for the survival of Azeroth.

New Affix: Awakened

Season 4 has a new affix: Awakened. While the Awakened affix is ​​active, players will discover obelisks throughout the dungeon, which will lead players through the veil into the dark world of Ny’alotha. There, players will face a powerful N’Zoth server that they must defeat or the server will join forces with the final boss of the instance. Once the lieutenant has been removed, the party will return to its usual reality in the place where they are currently. This will allow some interesting jumps that do not involve the use of the Shroud of concealment or invisibility of Rogues.

Assaults: the servants of N’Zoth

Level 120 players will witness the overwhelming power of the ancient gods firsthand in the new facilities of Assault on the Titans in Uldum and the Valley of Eternal Flowers. Players must roll back N’Zoth’s henchmen by completing targets in the area, including the defeat of enemies and rare enemies, looting of treasures and participation in events. After progressing, you will face the lieutenant who leads the enemy forces and, once victorious, you will be rewarded with a powerful piece of equipment and a vessel of horrible visions, a key that gives you access to a new feature: Horrible visions.

The assault locations will rotate inside Uldum in Kalimdor and Vale of Eternal Blossoms in Pandaria, so be sure to check the bottom left of your map (default hot key: m) to see the burning eye of N’Zoth to see What enemies you face today.

Mantid Assault (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)

The peaceful lands of Pandaria are under siege of the mantid swarm once more. Crush Shek’zara insectoid servants to thwart hive plans.

Mogu Assault (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)

The Mogu clans at war over the Valley are reaching a breaking point, leaving devastation in their wake. Defeat your forces to bring all sides of this proud race to your knees.

The Black Empire Assault (Vale of Eternal Blossoms)

The restored Vale of Eternal Blossoms is again threatened by the ancient gods. Push back the madness of the Black Empire fleet to restore harmony.

Amathet Assault (Uldum)

Arming their position as stewards of the Titans, Amathet enthusiasts have taken control of Uldum to help secure their place as the sole controllers of the titanic forge. Sweep this arrogant tribe back to the sandy tombs from which they emerged.

Assault Aqir (Uldum)

The Aqir plagues Uldum and threatens to destroy the titanic facilities of the region on behalf of N’Zoth and the Black Empire. Crush your uprising to end your senseless destruction.

The Black Empire Assault (Uldum)

As the veil between the worlds fades, N’Zoth’s servants will infiltrate Uldum. Purify the desert sands from their ancient corruption.

By participating in Assaults, you can also earn two new reputations: Uldum and Rajanni Agreement. Each faction will provide new rewards that can be purchased. Players may also enter N’Zoth Minor Visions while the Assaults are active. These can be entered alone or with a group and provide a window into the future that will test your sanity and skills as you go. Be sure to look at your sanity bar and work with your team.

New feature: horrible visions

Horrific Visions are instances challenges for 1 to 5 players that give you an idea of ​​the twisted future that N’Zoth has in store for Orgrimmar and Stormwind. While you experience a horrible vision, your sanity will be under constant attack, which will increase the difficulty of the instance and force you to leave before the madness consumes you.

Every time you are subject to a horrible Vision, you will leave with more knowledge and fragments of N’Zoth’s corruption. Take them to Wrathion and MOTHER Silithus to strengthen your defenses and gain new tools, which will allow you to deepen the horrible visions of N’Zoth and obtain greater rewards.

To enter, bring a Ship of Horrible Visions to the Heart Chamber and enter the Horrible Vision of Stormwind or Orgrimmar.

Titanic Research Archive

The delivery of fragments of N’Zoth’s corruption will reward him with skills that will allow him to deepen into horrible future visions, overcome greater threats and weather the effects of N’Zoth’s sanity drainage attacks. You can choose from a variety of passive skills that range from revealing treasures to mitigating the amount of sanity drained while in the instance.

Take these fragments to Wrathion and MOTHER in the Chamber of the Heart located in Silithus.

Faceless Masks

Players looking for the next step of rewards and challenges can venture into bonus areas of Horrific Visions to discover faceless masks. The use of these masks increases the difficulty level of Horrific Visions and unlocks enhanced rewards.

New legendary layer: Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of resolution

To combat the corruption of N’Zoth, Wrathion will return and work with the players to create a legendary layer: Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of resolution. This legendary upgradeable begins in rank 1 at item level 470, with subsequent ranges that increase its power and add other unique effects. Wearing this cape will help players venture deeper into the Horrible Visions of N’Zoth, earn greater rewards and unlock more mysteries behind the power of the Ancient God. This cape can also be useful when you face N’Zoth in the next raid.

When you equip the cape, you will immediately reduce the loss of Cordura while in Horrific Visions. In rank 6, the layer will obtain a spell effect in use that will dissipate any effect of N’Zoth Corruption and provide the user with immunity to any additional Corruption effect for six seconds (3 minute cooling). In rank 12, the layer will also gain a passive Draconic Empowerment, which will make your spells and abilities have the opportunity to greatly increase your main statistic.

Once your Ashjra’kamas, Shroud of resolution reaches rank 15, you can start acquiring Malefic cores, which increase your resistance to corruption by 3, up to a maximum of 125. You can acquire a Malefic core per week at all sources , including the defeat of N ‘Zoth in Ny’alotha on Normal, Heroic or Mythical difficulty or by completing all objectives within a Horrible Vision.

Top level players who have unlocked Heart Forge will be able to start the missions to get this new legendary cape.

New items and corrupt rewards

In Visions of N’Zoth, you will find equipment contaminated with corruption. Cursed by N’Zoth, corrupt items offer truly exceptional power for a price. As you use more corrupt equipment, you will find that your spells will do more damage, or your healings will be more potent, but Corruption will begin to affect you in increasingly dangerous ways. At low levels of corruption, you may periodically slow down when you take damage, while at higher levels of corruption, the forces of the evil of emptiness can come for you at any time.

Deciding how much corruption you should assume is an act of delicate balance, but corruption can be mitigated with its new legendary layer and all new essences. By equipping these powerful benefits, you can deny some of the corruption and reap the benefits of N’Zoth’s power with fewer disadvantages.

You can choose to clean your corruption objects through Titanic Purification, which will cost you some corrupt memories; However, doing so will also cause your object to lose the effect of positive equipment.

Here are some corrupt effects that may appear on the player’s team.

Ineffable truth

Your spells and abilities have the ability to show you the ineffable Truth, increasing the recovery rate of your cooldown by 50% for 10 seconds.

Twilight Devastation

Your attacks have the possibility of unleashing a ray of twilight devastation, which deals damage equal to 5% of your health to all enemies in front of you.

Deep Wind Gorge Redesign

Visions of N’Zoth also brings a visual update and a redesign for Deepwind Gorge. Inspired by Arathi Basin, the new Deep Wind Gorge has five capture points for teams to fight. Maintaining control over the market, farm, ruins, sanctuary and quarry will be key to ensuring victory, since the first faction to reach 1500 points wins!

Players will find and queue for the new Deepwind Gorge in the Battlefield section of the Group Finder (default hotkey: i).

Pet battles

Along with seven new battle pets and eight new world battle pet missions, a hot new challenge awaits your army of fierce little companions in Visions of N’Zoth.

Pet Battle Dungeon: Blackrock Depths

It’s time to gather your animal collection and present your best battle pets in the volcanic labyrinth of Blackrock Depths, a new pet battle dungeon with normal and challenging difficulties. You will get a definitive Battle Training Stone after defeating the dungeon on Normal difficulty. Complete it on difficulty Challenge will grant achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Blackrock Depths along with Shadowy Disguise, a toy that makes you a dark figure for 15 seconds. Completing the challenge difficulty will count toward a weekly mission that rewards Shadowy Gems, a coin linked to the account that you can redeem for an unopened Blackrock supply box full of pet supplies, or for three new pets: Wailing Lasher, Experiment 13 and Tinyclaw. Talk to Burt Macklyn at the entrance to the dungeon to add one of these powerful demons … er, friends … to your ranks.

To begin your journey, you must have completed the four previous missions of Pet Battle Dungeon: “The Wailing of the Laments”, “The Dead Mines Strike Back”, “The New Guardians of Gnomeregan” and “Little Terrors of Stratholme”. Four mission lines in Normal or Challenge difficulty have been completed, you can accept a new mission from Tizzy Gearjolt in Boralus or Radek Fuselock in Dazar’alor and begin your journey of pet battle of Blackrock Depths.

New allied races: Vulpera and Mechagnomes

Visions of N’Zoth takes the ingenious vulpera to the Horde and the laborious mechanics to the Alliance. As with other allied races, unlocking each race will reward you with a unique mount, and by leveling a new vulpera or typing from 20 to 110 you will get its special heritage armor transfiguration set.

Horde players can unlock the vulpera by completing the Vol’dun level line and reaching Exalted with the Voldunai. Alliance players who are Exalted with the Rustbolt Resistance and have completed the Mechagon story can embark on a search line to create their own mechagnome.

Death Knights for Everyone

With the launch of Visions of N’Zoth, the players who pre-purchase World of Warcraft: Shadowlands You can create Death Knights as pandaren and all Allied Races, including the new vulpera and mecagnomes, once they are unlocked.

Auction House Review

The Auction House has been rebuilt to make it smoother, faster and easier to use, with updated functionality based on the way players use the Auction House more frequently.

Commodities (stackable items) are no longer sold in batteries. Now, simply enter how many you want to buy and the Auction House will automatically select the cheapest available auctions. Since the cheapest auctions are always ranked at the top, you’ll never have to look for the best deal. You will also select a list of favorites so you can quickly search and buy the items you usually search.

New missions

Many new stories and adventures are now available throughout Azeroth.

The Dark Prince Returns

Azeroth screams and needs your help to defend her from the relentless invasion of the Black Empire. Top-level players must look for Wrathion to start clearing the world of N’Zoth forces.

Servant of N’Zoth

N’Zoth’s whispers corrupt the minds of fierce warriors around the world, filling them with thirst for blood against their own brothers and sisters. If a player succumbs and accepts this mission, he will join forces with N’Zoth and do his will by killing his own faction members. If they can defeat 10 players without dying, they will be rewarded with a new title, Servant of N’Zoth, an element that allows them to defect to N’Zoth in command, and win the achievement Servant of N’Zoth.

New heritage armor: goblins and worgen

Celebrate your legacy with the Heritage Armor sets for goblins and worgen.

Players with a leprechaun or a top-level worgen (120) who are exalted with their faction (Watertight Poster or Gilneas respectively) can embark on a new search line for each race to learn more about its history. Once you complete your search, you will get a new set of unique heritage armor transfiguration for your race.

New war front: Heroic Darkshore

As with Heroic Stromgarde, you must coordinate with a prefabricated group of 10 to 20 players to win against the relentless forces of the enemy. Interact with the War Table in Boralus or in the Port of Zuldazar with your attack group to join the fight.

New fight: full islands

This large-scale battle brings together two teams of 10 on an island full of powerful creatures. This fight brings an additional challenge to the shores of PvP Island expeditions by increasing the total number of players from six to 20 on the largest islands (Havenswood and Jorundall).

When Brawl is active, players can join the fight by opening the Group Finder (default hot key: i), selecting it in the Player vs. Player tab and queuing.

Black Moon Fair Arcade

Prepare your tokens. A new attraction built by the best gnome engineers is now ready for you to test your temper: the Darkmoon Faire Arcade! Play games inspired by World Quests, including HexSweeper, Barrels or ’Fun, Totemic Matrix, BULL-E, Remembery and Rune Matching.

Be sure to look for this mechanical wonder directed by Lynnish Hardmode when Darkmoon Faire is in the city, just behind Darkmoon Faire Roller Coaster.


It crosses the corrupt lands of Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms astride several new mounts inspired by shadow and emptiness. Six of them are listed below, but there are still more waiting to be discovered!

Ny’alotha Allseer

The macabre aspect of this nightmare with tentacles is similar to the same Old God with many eyes. N’Zoth drops, the Corruptor in mythical difficulty.

Ivory Cloud Snake:

Ivory cloud snakes are often confused with roaring thunder as they cross the skies with dizzying speed. Lucky players can claim theirs by defeating the Ivory Cloud Serpent in Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

N’Zoth Black Snake

The black snakes of N’Zoth are the precursors of making their final vision come true. Only those servants, or enemies, who can step on this space have any chance to dispute them. Obtained upon obtaining the achievement Through the depths of visions.

Ha-Li clutch

Ha-Li’s calf feels comfortable in the blue skies of Pandaria, hunting unsuspecting prey. Cut Ha-Li in the Valley of Eternal Flowers to have the opportunity to take this mount to your stable.

Shadowbarb drone

Players can now lift their own Drone Shadowbarb mount. Stay tuned for the eggs touched in Uldum to begin your journey!

Alpaca Springfur

The friendly nature of the alpacas makes them perfect companions for intrepid adventurers. Win yours by completing the “Alpaca It In” mission in Uldum.

Holiday updates

Lunar festival

Embark on an adventure around Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms to complete the Rite of the Moon and help an old Druid bless his Moon Flower Staff. In return, she will love your wreaths so they never die, and you can transfigure them all year long!


  • Players who own the Brutosaur Mighty Caravan mount now win the Conspicuous Consumption Feat of strength.

Character appearances

  • The eyes of the blood elves, the night elves and the Death Knights of all races now have an updated bright effect.
  • Guardian Druids with the Mage Tower Legion Artifact appearance Might of the Grizzlemaw now has a unique dance animation.


  • Death Knight
  • Blood
  • Blood Mark (talent) can no longer cure a target with a very large health reserve for more than 5% of the Death Knight’s maximum health.
  • Impious
  • The outbreak of sores (talent) now increases the healing absorption provided by Necrotic Strike.
  • Risen Skulker summoned from All Will Serve (Talent) can now benefit from Path of Frost.
  • Launch time and Risen Skulkers Skulker Shot damage increased by 25%.
  • Developer’s Note: By increasing launch time and damage, this ability should no longer collide with the global cooldown at higher celerity levels.
  • Druid
  • Balance
  • Sunfire and Moonfire damage and periodic damage are reduced by 10%.
  • Midday damage (Azerite trait) has been increased by 11%.
  • Power of the Moon (azerite trait) damage increased by 11%.
  • Wild druids Now the skills have improved sound effects.
  • Finishing skills should now be audible compared to other skills.
  • Now you can hear the additional damage of the bleeding targets.
  • Restoration
  • Mastery: The harmony healing bonus has been reduced by 9%.
  • Noon damage (Azerite trait) has been reduced by 34%.
  • Developer’s Note: Restoration Druid has a general healing, damage and utility package that makes it very difficult to compete in solo curated content. Two things that stand out in particular are the efficiency of healing focused on a single goal with high mastery and the ease of contributing to DPS with very little use of GCD in Sunfire.
  • Magician
  • Frost
  • Ice spear damage increased by 20%.
  • Developer’s Note: Ice Lance’s damage has not kept up with the Icicles scale, which makes constructions that ignore Ice Lance possible. The intention of this change is to give frozen magicians a better incentive to use Ice Lance in their rotation.
  • Monk
  • Brewmaster
  • The resistance bonus was reduced to 30% (instead of 35%).
  • The staggering percentage was reduced to 90% of agility (it was 105%).
  • High tolerance now increases Stagger’s effectiveness by 5% (instead of 8%).
  • Developer’s Note: Brewmaster’s extremely effective health against physical damage meant that they are rarely at risk from the damage of the peaks that threatens other tanks. This should still be a strength of Brewmaster, but not by such a wide margin.
  • Fog weaver
  • Revival healing increased by 12%.
  • The healing of Renewing Mist increased by 15% and costs 2.5% of mana (instead of 2.8%).
  • Vivifying healing increased by 6%.
  • Healing of enveloping fog increased by 10%.
  • Increasing Fog healing increased by 33% and now extends healing effects over time by 4 seconds (instead of 2 seconds).
  • Developer’s Note: This talent is currently eclipsed in its line, and we want to make sure it is competitive enough to make your unique game style a viable option.
  • The cocoon of life now absorbs 60% of the maximum health of the caster (it was 1100% of the spell force of the caster).
  • Developer’s Note: This ability had been weakened compared to the player’s health groups since the beginning of the expansion, and this will help it better maintain its value.
  • Air walker
  • Kick damage from the rising sun increased by 25%.
  • Black Kick damage increased by 10%.
  • Developer Note: These changes are intended to help Windwalkers perform better in single-goal struggles.
  • Paladin
  • Holy
  • Light Flash healing (azerite trait) was reduced by 12% and can now be applied to a maximum of 8 goals.
  • Developer Notes: Over the past year, compilations focused on this feature have consistently advanced all other Holy Paladin game styles and, to some extent, all other healers in high-end content. This change is intended to preserve the gameplay of the feature, but limits the ability to increase its value dramatically by stacking all possible bonuses that reduce Holy Shock’s cooldown.
  • Priest
  • Discipline
  • The basic healing of the Contrition (talent) has been reduced by 25%.
  • The healing of contrition is now correctly affected by mastery.
  • Developer’s Note: Taken together, this talent gains value, due to the increase in the healing of Penance, the reduction to the healing of Atonement and the correction of Mastery errors.
  • The healing of penance increased by 15%.
  • The schism now increases the damage caused only by spells and priest abilities.
  • Note to developers: this change aims to make the schism consistent with other similar class cooldowns.
  • Word of Shadows: pain damage reduced by 9%.
  • Purge damage to the wicked has been reduced by 10%.
  • Word of power: Consuelo’s damage (talent) was reduced by 10%.
  • The healing of the atonement was reduced to 50% (from 55%).
  • Mastery: the effectiveness of grace increased by 12%.
  • Developer notes: the ability of the discipline to contribute to both damage and healing is a bit too high for what a character can contribute to a group composition. At the same time, we are making your Master’s statistics a bit more attractive.
  • Shadow
  • The critical hit bonus of the madness choir has been reduced by 25%.
  • The damage bonus of the propitious spirits was reduced to 25% (instead of 50%).
  • The spiteful Apparitions (azerite trait) now deal the correct amount of damage if the Shadow Priest has talents of auspicious spirits.
  • Developer Notes: The multiplicative interaction between auspicious spirits, spiteful appearances and chorus of madness has specifically been a large part of Shadow’s damage scale to get out of control with a high target count. This change will keep your damage production in line with your original intention.
  • Vampiric touch and Word of Shadows: pain damage reduced by 8%.
  • Sorcerer
  • Affliction
  • The following pets now appear under the frames of player units with a timer: Dreadstalkers, Vilefiend and Grimoire: Felguard.
  • Deathbolt now deals 20% of the total remaining damage from the Warlocks’ damage effects over time on the target (it was 30%).
  • The probability of activation of Nightfall increased by 33%.
  • Nightfall now increases Shadow Discharge damage by 50% (instead of 25%).
  • Drain soul damage increased by 50%.
  • Developer’s Note: One of the key concepts for Affliction Warlock is to distribute the damage over time in different objectives. While Deathbolt eliminates these types of spells, it provides more damage than expected and exceeds the other two talents in each situation. In addition to reducing the effectiveness of Deathbolt, we are improving the other two talents in the level to give more sorrow sorcerers options.

Dungeons and raids

  • Operation: Mechagon
  • Operation: Mechagon has now been divided into two new instances, Mechagon – Scrap yard and Mechagon – Workshop.
  • Developer’s Note: during the Increase of Azshara content update, Operation: Mechagon made its debut as an epic and challenging mega dungeon. Now that you are heading to the Mythic Keystone system, we are making some adjustments to align your difficulty with that of other Mythic Keystone dungeons.
  • Operation: Mechagon is now available in heroic difficulty. Players can queue for Mechagon – Junkyard or Mechagon – Workshop through the Dungeons & Raids section of the Group Finder (default hotkey: i), or enter the Heroic instance and complete it in its entirety.
  • Mechagon – Workshop
  • Reduced variability in damage production for several creatures throughout the dungeon.
  • Developer Note: The main objective of these changes is to make the damage production of the affected enemies more consistent by significantly reducing the variation of the spellcast timers.
  • Platinum striker
  • Now launch B.4.T.T.L.3. Mine more frequently in all difficulties.
  • The missile destruction visual must now always show and warn the player before impacting all difficulties.
  • Gnomercy 4.U.
  • Ventilation jets
  • Gnomercy now turns towards the Fixate target before launching.
  • Tussle Tonks
  • The damage of the buzzing saw was reduced by 80%.
  • Developer’s Note: If not touched, this fight would be lethal at the highest levels of Mythic Keystone with active Tyrannical. To keep the chaos of the fight intact, we reduced the damage of the Buzz Saws while retaining its recoil effect.
  • Waste Processing Unit
  • El prefabricado Mega Drill aumentó a 3.5 segundos (en lugar de 2 segundos).
  • Nota de los desarrolladores: Mega Drill es una habilidad peligrosa y al ralentizar a su elenco, los jugadores tendrán un poco más de tiempo para reaccionar.
  • K.U.-J.O.
  • Llamas de ventilación
  • Se aumentó la distancia a la que los jugadores están a salvo de las llamas de ventilación cuando están parados detrás de un cubo de basura.
  • Defensa Bot Mk III
  • Se ha reducido el daño de Zap con arco en un 12%.
  • El daño de Short Out se redujo en un 20%.
  • Blastatron X-80
  • El daño de Descarga de condensador aumentó un 40%.
  • Rey mechagon
  • El daño de Explosión de pulso se ha reducido en un 37%.
  • Giga-Zap (Fase 1)
  • Daño inicial reducido en un 44%.
  • Giga-Zap (Fase 2)
  • Daño inicial reducido en un 50%.
  • Se ha reducido el daño de Recalibrar en un 15%.
  • Mechagon – Depósito de chatarra
  • Scrapbone Bully
  • Se ha aumentado el daño de cabezazo en un 25%.
  • Daño de onda de choque reducido en un 9%.
  • Scrapbone Trashtosser
  • Lanzar el proyectil de la basura ahora se mueve un poco más lento.
  • Amoladora Scrapbone
  • El daño de Skullcracker infligido se redujo en un 11%.
  • Enfurecer
  • Se aumentó el tiempo de lanzamiento a 2 segundos (en lugar de 1.5 segundos).
  • Se redujo la duración a 10 segundos (en lugar de 12 segundos).
  • Rey Gobbamak
  • Se redujo el daño infligido en Cueva reducido en un 37%.
  • Pistonhead Mechanic (Depósito de chatarra) y Mechagon Mechanic (Taller)
  • Overclock ahora es una disipación de Magic para ambos enemigos (anteriormente uno era Magic y otro era Enrage).
  • Pistonhead Blaster
  • Visual de suelo de Scrap Grenade ligeramente reducido.
  • El daño de Bolt Buster infligido se reduce en un 25%.
  • Taze daño infligido reducido en un 20%.
  • Limo Elemental
  • Se redujo el daño de la onda de limo en un 28%.
  • Pistolero
  • Daño de humos tóxicos infligido reducido en un 25%.
  • Ruina
  • Reducido al 100% de daño de arma por golpe (era 150%).
  • Se incrementó la vulnerabilidad de apilamiento al 100% (era del 75%).
  • Nota de los desarrolladores: el resultado neto de estos cambios reduce aproximadamente la producción de daños de Wreck en un 25% y pone un mayor énfasis en los tanques que reconocen que esta habilidad está sucediendo para que puedan tratar de mitigarla antes del gran golpe al final.
  • El daño periódico de Zap fulminante se redujo en un 20%.
  • Rastreador armado
  • Cañón de chatarra
  • Ya no se lanza mientras la bobina de choque está activa.
  • Scrapbone Bully
  • Enfurecer
  • Se aumentó el tiempo de lanzamiento a 2 segundos (en lugar de 1.5 segundos).
  • Se redujo la duración a 10 segundos (en lugar de 12 segundos).
  • El descanso del rey
  • general
  • Variabilidad reducida en la producción de daño para varias criaturas a lo largo de la mazmorra.
  • Guerrero de las sombras
  • El daño de Gust Slash a lo largo del tiempo se redujo a 8 segundos (en lugar de 10 segundos).
  • Médico brujo de las sombras
  • Daño de frío helado reducido en un 15%.
  • Rey Rahu’ai
  • El daño de Channel Lightning se redujo en un 12,5%.
  • Reina Patlaa
  • Se ha reducido el daño de Disparo en un 11%.
  • Rey timalji
  • El daño de Tormenta de cuchillas se redujo en un 15%.
  • Agente jurado de sangre
  • Se ha reducido el daño de Torbellino de las Sombras en un 7,5%.
  • Médico brujo espectral
  • Daño de Choque de Escarcha reducido en un 21%.
  • Berserker espectral
  • Se ha reducido el daño de la cuchilla de corte en un 13%.
  • Bruta espectral
  • El daño de Ground Crush se redujo en un 25%.
  • Maestro de bestias espectral
  • Bombardeo de veneno
  • Daño reducido en un 11%.
  • Duración reducida a 10 segundos (fue de 20 segundos).
  • Nota de los desarrolladores: anteriormente, la larga duración de este efecto podría dificultar la curación de las partes que no tenían la capacidad de limpiar los efectos de veneno. Este cambio debería hacer que la habilidad sea más manejable para contrarrestar.
  • Kula el carnicero
  • Se ha reducido el daño del hacha cortante un 9%.
  • Sombra de zul
  • Salud reducida en un 6%.
  • Los jugadores ya no pueden entrar en la habitación del Rey Dazar antes de que la Sombra de Zul sea derrotada.

Artículos y recompensas


Derrotar a enemigos poderosos en Horrific Visions te otorgará recuerdos corruptos, que se pueden usar para comprar varios artículos nuevos, incluido el Gouged Eye of N’Zoth, que te permite agregar un zócalo prismático a una pieza de equipo elegible.


Usa Visiones Coalescentes para comprar una variedad de artículos diferentes de Wrathion dentro de la Cámara del Corazón, incluidos nuevos equipos, Buques de visiones horribles y una montura. Podrás saquearlos para derrotar a enemigos poderosos, completar misiones y más.


Usados ​​por la infantería de N’Zoth, estas piezas de armadura de azerita y otros equipos prepararán a los héroes para enfrentar los horrores que se avecinan. Cuando te enfrentes a las tropas de N’Zoth en Asaltos en Uldum y el Valle de las Flores Eternas, o conquistas Horrific Visions, recogerás fichas de vinculación a cuenta. Luego puede usar estas fichas para crear una pieza de equipo para aumentar su propio poder, o puede enviar las fichas a sus otros personajes.

  • Muchas armas legendarias ahora son transfigurables.
  • Developers’ note: The Warglaives of Azzinoth dropped from Illidan in Black Temple are the one exception, as a custom method for Demon Hunters in particular to obtain this transmog appearance already exists through Black Temple Timewalking, and we do not want to diminish the value of that unique reward.
  • New Illusion enchantments are now available to collect.
  • The Rustbolt Resistance Insignia now only provides reputation up to Exalted.
  • Reputation requirements for Nazjatar and Mechagon vendor-sold Essences have been reduced from Honored, Revered, and Exalted for Ranks 1, 2, and 3 to Friendly, Honored, and Revered.
  • Rank 1 now costs 2 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 1 Galvanic Oscillator (was 2 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 2 Galvanic Oscillators).
  • Rank 2 now costs 8 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 4 Galvanic Oscillators (was 20 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 10 Galvanic Oscillators).
  • Rank 3 now costs 20 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 8 Galvanic Oscillators (was 40 S.P.A.R.E. Crates and 15 Galvanic Oscillators).
  • Acquisition of Rank 4 of these Essences is unchanged.
  • The follower experience requirements for Ranks 2 and 3 of Memory of Lucid Dreams have been reduced from 3,000/6,000 to 2,400/4,800.
  • Players who are Revered with their respective Nazjatar reputation may now exchange Prismatic Manapearls for bind-to-account reputation tokens.
  • Developers’ note: We expect the addition of account-bound reputation tokens for Nazjatar to complement the existing account-bound reputation tokens that are craftable in Mechagon, providing an option for players who have already unlocked the Rank 3 Essence on their main to speed up their progression toward it on their alts.
  • Assassin Bounty Bags now contain the same loot regardless of which zone it was rewarded in.
  • Lightning-Forged Augment Rune can be used infinitely to increase Agility, Intellect, and Strength by 60 for 1 hour. This reusable rune can be purchased for 50,000 gold. Character must be Exalted with the Rajani faction.
  • Players can now purchase Uncommon, Rare, and Epic rarity Salvage Crates in exchange for Seafarer’s Dubloons. These crates contain at least three pieces of loot rewarded from completing Island Expeditions and contain transmogrification appearances, pets, and mounts.
  • All Titan Residuum will be converted to silver.
  • Nazjatar World Quests, Nazjatar World Bosses, and other Nazjatar zone events now reward more Prismatic Manapearls.
  • Island Dubloon reputation items and quest turn-ins no longer grant reputation beyond Exalted. Instead, players who are Exalted with the associated faction will instead gain bind-on-account reputation tokens, consumable up to Exalted reputation.
  • Azerite Gear
  • Overwhelming Power (Azerite Trait)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Overwhelming Power (Rank 2) to trigger more often based on your haste rating which caused this trait to benefit more from Haste than intended.
  • Developers’ note: We discovered a bug with Overwhelming Power which caused it to trigger more often as a player’s Haste increased, meaning it scaled doubly with Haste. We know Overwhelming Power is a player-favorite Azerite Trait in part because of this bug, and it is not our intent to make the trait not worth taking. However, the rate at which it was growing was causing any gear without Overwhelming Power to be seen as suboptimal, so we needed to fix this issue. We’ll be keeping an eye on this trait in the future to make sure it’s still performing satisfactorily after this change.
  • Heart of Azeroth
  • Players can now unlock a new Minor slot on their Heart of Azeroth at level 75.
  • Periodic increases to Stamina up to level 80.
  • Heart of Azeroth no longer has a maximum level.
  • Levels beyond 80 will grant the Heart of Azeroth increased item level and slight stat increases.
  • Completing Magni’s quest chain to unlock the Heart Forge now starts your Heart of Azeroth at level 50, up from level 35.
  • Bonus threat from unlocking Major and Minor slots has been removed.
  • When the Heart of Azeroth is equipped in tank specialization or a Druid wearer shifts into Bear Form, threat generated is now increased by 50%. Changing specializations, shifting forms, or removing the Heart of Azeroth cancels this effect.
  • Loyal to the End (Azerite Trait)
  • Loyal to the End’s on-death effect can no longer stack.
  • Dying while under the effects of Shamans’ Ancestral Protection Totem no longer triggers Loyal to the End’s on-death effect.
  • Essences
  • New Essences can be found in Assaults on Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, by delving into Horrific Visions, and in the Ny’alotha raid. Listed below are three of the new Rank 1 Essences for healing, damage-dealing, and tank specialization. In addition to their active and passive abilities, these new Essences also provide 10 Corruption Resistance.
  • Spirit of Preservation (Rank 1)
  • Major: Channel a beam of energy onto an ally, healing them for a significant amount over 3 seconds.
  • Minor: Every 5 seconds, gain Devout Spirit, causing your next Flash Heal, Flash of Light, Regrowth, Vivify, Shadow Mend, or Healing Surge to heal for an additional small amount, stacking up to 3 times.
  • Breath of the Dying (Rank 1)
  • Major: Burn your target with a bolt of Azerite, dealing a high amount of Fire damage instantly. If the target has less than 20% health, the 45 second cooldown is reduced by 30 seconds.
  • Minor: Your spells and abilities have a chance to strike your target for a moderate amount of Fire damage.
  • Touch of the Everlasting (Rank 1)
  • Major: Your next death is prevented, and you instead regenerate up to 20% of your maximum health and take 85% reduced damage for 3 seconds (this effect cannot occur more often than once per 10 minutes).
  • Minor: When you fall below 35% health, gain a moderate amount of Avoidance for 15 seconds, and your next active mitigation will last 30% longer.
  • Condensed Life-Force
  • Damage debuff applied by your guardian’s Azerite Spikes has been reduced to 3% increased damage (was 5%).
  • The guardian’s Azerite Spike cast time increased to 2.5 seconds (was 2 seconds).
  • Developers’ note: With respect to Condensed Life-Force, the cast time increase was primarily intended to resolve a bug where the guardian would clip his own casts when a character gained enough Haste to bring the cast below a global cooldown. However, this particular Essence, which is largely passive, was the premier choice for most specializations on both single and multi-target situations. So, in addition to the cast time increase, we felt it was necessary to reduce the damage increase the player receives from the Essence.
  • Purification Protocol
  • Major Rank 1 damage increased by 15%.
  • Major Rank 2 now has the potential to work on targets that are part of raid and dungeon encounters.
  • Unbound Force
  • Major Rank 1 damage increased by 40%.
  • Minor Rank 1 duration changed to 4 seconds (was 3 seconds).
  • Minor Rank 3 increase of duration increased to 2 seconds (was 1 second).
  • When Reckless Force buff is applied, The Unbound Force spell icon becomes highlighted.
  • Vision of Perfection
  • Proc rate increased by 12%.
  • Vitality Conduit
  • The effects of Vitality Conduit are now accurately displayed in the combat log and scrolling combat text.
  • Worldvein Resonance
  • Using Major Rank 1 now additionally causes you to gain a 300% bonus to primary stats gained from Lifeblood Shards (Major slot) for 18 seconds (was 50% for 10 seconds).

Pet Battles

  • Elite Pet Battle World Quests in Nazjatar and Mechagon have been reduced in difficulty, and now scale to match your highest-slotted battle pet’s level.
  • Weather Abilities
  • Blizzard now increases all elemental ability damage by 25%.
  • Mudslide now increases all critical damage dealt by 25%.
  • New weather type: Toxic Fumes
  • Deals Dragonkin damage to the current enemy pet and applies the Toxic Fumes weather effect.
  • Toxic Fumes increases the duration of all hostile damage over time effects by 1 round.
  • All pets are considered Poisoned while Toxic Fumes is active.
  • Damage reduction is now capped at –75%
  • Developers’ note: This change will smooth out the challenge with some enemy bosses. Previously, if you were fighting a pet like Unit 17 in Mechagon (a Boss pet that passively takes 50% less damage), and Unit 17 used Crouch, Unit 17 became immune to damage because the two 50% damage reduction effects are added to each other. Now, in the above example, while Crouch is active, Unit 17 will take 75% reduced damage instead of 100% reduced damage. Please note that abilities like Dodge or Deflection will continue to avoid all damage and will not be impacted by this change.

Player versus Player

  • Battlegrounds
  • Seething Shore now has a 20-minute time limit.
  • Developers’ note: This change is intended to address egregiously long games that can sometimes occur from stalemates.
  • Classes
  • Death Knight
  • Unholy
  • Bursting Sores (Talent) now also increases the healing absorption provided by Necrotic Strike.
  • Necrotic Strike (PvP Talent) now applies a 4% max health healing absorb (was 5%).
  • Shaman
  • Lightning Lasso (PvP Talent) is now affected by Master of the Elements.
  • Lightning Lasso’s damage has been reduced by 10%.


Many new items can be crafted by harvesting the corpses of those loyal to N’Zoth.

  • general
  • Turn N’Zoth’s power against him by creating a Void Focus, an item that will help you elevate your crafting professions. N’Zoth’s followers will drop the recipe for Alchemists, Blacksmiths, Engineers, Jewelcrafters, Leatherworkers, and Tailors.
  • Alquimia
  • An upgraded Alchemy Stone can now be crafted.
  • Potion of Focused Resolve now benefits pets.
  • Archaeology
  • The assault of N’Zoth’s forces will prevent players from Surveying Digsites in Uldum. Players looking to acquire Tol’vir artifacts should speak with Zidormi in Ramkahen.
  • Blacksmithing
  • Forge new armor to protect yourself from the wrath of N’Zoth and the enemy faction.
  • Cooking
  • N’Zoth’s followers will drop a recipe book, allowing players to craft new foods that have special bonuses within N’Zoth’s Visions.
  • Engineering
  • Protect your eyes with the best Engineering goggles available to craft and construct gear to prepare for Season 4’s PvP combat and Mythic Keystone dungeons.
  • Inscription
  • Craft new Vantus runes for Ny’alotha raid bosses.
  • Create Contracts for the new Rajani and Uldum Accord factions.
  • Jewelcrafting
  • Higher level rings can now be crafted.
  • Leatherworking
  • Turn hides into new pants, boots, and PvP gear.
  • Skinning
  • Eligible players can now skin a corpse without waiting for all other eligible players to collect their loot.
  • Tailoring
  • Stitch together new garments using cloth looted from troops of N’Zoth.

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