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World of Warcraft: Guild method surpasses itself and also gets the "World Second Kill" – gamona.de

Yesterday we told you that the World of Warcraft Guild method was able to win the World First Kill against Jaina Proudmoore. Now the members of the top clan have surpassed themselves and seized the next kill of all other guilds.

Because after the weekly reset, where all copies of World of Warcraft and the progress of each group are reset, the method – like all other guilds – has returned to the battle for Dazar & # 39; Alor. But instead of treating Limit or other top groups for the second kill, Method worked up to Jaina completely in no time thanks to the experience she gained, and she finally brought down the boss-lady for the second time. They can also take the title "World Second Kills".

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Now the latecomers are coming

Jaina was defeated for the second time.

At the time of this news, however, there was at least the third boss who was killed against Jaina Proudmoore. The limit, that Method always stayed a bit behind in the last two rounds, has now also completed the instance on the mythical difficulty level. Pieces, Exorsus and Alpha remain standing in front of Jaina and try their luck.

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