"Wolfenstein – Youngblood" tested: now in Germany with Nazis


"Wolfenstein – Youngblood" is a novelty for the shooter series of the Swedish studio MachineGames for various reasons: first, it is the first "Wolfenstein" title with extensive co-op functions and not a revolutionary showpiece B.J. Blazkowicz. The former war hero disappears at the start of the game and his twin daughters Jess and Soph have to find him.

On the other hand, a "Wolfenstein" appears for the first time in Germany in two versions: in the international and in the German version, which "Computer Bild Spiele" has tested. The latter renounces the display of unconstitutional symbols, replacing & # 39; nazi & # 39; s & # 39; as in the predecessors by & # 39; the regime & # 39; and has German speech output.

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The international version, on the other hand, is exclusively in English, shows swastika's and makes Jess and Soph Nazi hunters. The representation of violence is identical in both variants, therefore they have received the age identification "from the age of 18".

But no matter what version you play, the first-person shooter does not make prisoners and relies on non-stop action, open areas and sharp cooperative gameplay. However, this also influences the character representation and the story itself.

"Wolfenstein – Youngblood" without a real acclimatization phase

Jess and Soph end up in the Paris-occupied Paris of the eighties. The teenagers make contact with the metro there and join the local resistance within a very short time.

A pity for newcomers: there is no real settlement phase in "Wolfenstein – Youngblood". As soon as they arrive at the baptized base of the "catacombs", the game engulfs you with main and secondary tasks, which you take with the metro to different parts of the French capital.

MachineGames chose a more open narrative structure for its production in collaboration with Arkane Studios ("Dishonored") than in its predecessor games. That means that you decide which mission you will subsequently tackle.


With machine guns drop laser guns, you roast good regime soldiers

Source: Bethesda

Only the difficulty level linked to the level of experience of the main character is an obstacle. You cannot enter certain areas first because of a lack of penetration. The metro card serves as a fast travel system.

But as many as the multiple orders speed up the progress of the game – the playing depth and the story are a bit too short compared to the "Wolfenstein 2 – The New Colossus" published in 2017. Away from the shrill sister duo, most supporting actors remain pale. As a player you feel like a messenger and you rush from one mission to the next. After all, the makers incorporate dynamic events into the action: in this way you eliminate spontaneously appearing target persons in the missions or you have to place bombs.

"Wolfenstein – Youngblood" only with online multiplayer mode

The character development of the miraculous psychopathic heroines is correspondingly fast: after the first self-inflicted massacre, the girls broke, then mutated in real killing machines and enjoy the hunt for regime henchmen.

The multitude of tasks, the lively Geballer and the constant rewards ensure sufficient motivation and a good game flow. "Wolfenstein – Youngblood" does not have the emotional depth of its predecessors – here are clearly humorous team dynamics and fast co-op battles in the foreground.

Talking about Koop: the multiplayer mode works exclusively online, but a variant with a split screen is unfortunately not. Before you start the game, choose a character and determine your outfit or basic equipment. You then send "Wolfenstein – Youngblood" into action together with pleasant cooperation mechanisms.


In later sections you take on bosses such as this monitoring unit, including laser traps

Source: Bethesda

For example, you and your teammate share the number of lives. If this is not restarting more than three times, you must restart the mission from the beginning of the section. Although the experience points and weapons collected so far remain intact, defeated opponents wake up for a new life and mission goals that have already been completed must be carried out again.

Certain tasks, such as opening gates or special boxes, are also controlled together. MachineGames solves the direct interaction of the players by using a total of nine gestures, which you activate by pressing a button. The hand movements not only look cool and provide a sense of humor, they also influence the gameplay.

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With the "Pommesgabel" you spend some extra equipment on yourself and your partner. Other gestures make the Blazkowicz sprouts temporarily invulnerable. This system fits perfectly in the crazy style of the twins and fits seamlessly into the game.

"Wolfenstein – Youngblood" is also something for soloists

Despite the innovations, "Wolfenstein – Youngblood" remains true to its predecessors. Again brutal action and just liquid playable shooting are on the program. Experienced players glide through shafts, make double jumps and transform the battlefield into their playing field.

In general, however, "Youngblood" offers considerably more chaos and murder than its predecessors due to more open-level structures. If you want, you can also use the stealth function to silently sneak and close enemies. But only in the co-op mode does hell break loose all too often.

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The makers support the action with a role-playing experience system, killings and completed missions unlocking talent points. With this upgrade your own character and unlock functions such as the popular Akimbo mode – shooting with two weapons at the same time – for free.

The shooting men equip you with collected silver coins and adjust the visor or fire mode. Löblich: With all co-fun, solo players are not too short, because "Wolfenstein – Youngblood" works surprisingly well with computer partners.

In the "Computer Bild Games" test, this only seemed a bit overwhelmed when it was revived, otherwise it provided loyal services. Despite the Koop focus, the new "Wolfenstein" is great for soloists and you only feel good.

conclusion: Faster, bigger, more complex: "Wolfenstein – Youngblood" offers a surprisingly large amount of content and innovations for a spin-off of 40 euros. The game convinces on the one hand with the usual extensive staged action, on the other hand, but also with a soft role play and co-focus.

And even if the shooter may not have the emotional depth of his predecessors, the trip in Paris with the daughters of B.J. Blazkowicz but a welcome change and definitely recommended for "Wolfenstein" fans.

strengths: The usual brutal staging, an extensive character and upgrade system, cooperative functions provide extra dynamics, gestures such as wordless interaction influence the gameplay, the single-player mode does not differ playfully from the cooperative, fast, uncomplicated action, cool heroines, bitter humor , computer partner does not worry.

Weak points: Large and small missions are blurred, mission design is often one-dimensional, screen killing results in the annoying chatter of pre-recorded areas, history and characters are far from as interesting as in the big predecessors, computer partners make occasional outages when revived.

Test score: good (1.9)

released: July 26, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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