Windows 7 users warned about cyber attacks when support ends

PC users running Windows 7 were warned to update to avoid possible cyber attacks as support for the software ends.

As of today, the ten-year operating system will no longer receive critical updates, which means that Microsoft will stop patching any weaknesses that appear, making the machines vulnerable to hacker attacks.

It is estimated that Windows 7 remains one of the most popular Windows operating systems in use, with a global share of almost 33%, only surpassed by the latest version of Microsoft, Windows 10.

Here in Ireland it is believed that about one fifth of the PCs running on the Windows platform use it.

Microsoft has been warning for the past five years that it would end support for the product, as it changes its approach to old technologies and puts its resources into newer ones.

After today, Windows 7 computers will remain functional, but they will no longer be completely secure, since they will not receive updates or patches from Microsoft.

Companies and organizations that are not yet ready to move in may choose to pay Microsoft for extended security updates over the next three years, although it is sold by device and the price will increase every year.

In Ireland, thousands of computers in the public service still depend on Windows 7, including 46,000 of the 58,000 PCs in the HSE.

This year, he will spend more than 1 million euros on Microsoft’s extended support for the operating system, as the process of updating his computers continues.

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