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Let's face it: what's going on with the franchises of Mass Effect and Dragon Age? If the dialogue options of Anthem were a reality, there were only two options – "yes" and "no". Maybe just a "no" and "no", because your decisions do not count in the new shooter. The reality is more like Mass Effect 1 or Dragon Age Origins – some ways, all bad, with a glimmer of hope in the air.

Anthem is the big, red flag that was hoisted on the BioWare skyscraper for two years, now slowly ripening under the criticism of fans and journalists. Anthem has become so much BioWare that the past of BioWare no longer seems to exist. Complete with Mass Effect: Andromeda and ugly eye animations. Anthem is the only thing that remains. Do I have to write a text about Mass Effect and Dragon Age? Is there anything we can talk about?

There is a national anthem community. There are many players of all ages, races and likes that Anthem likes to play a lot. I am not one of them. That is why this column reflects my opinion.

It makes, I think, a difference with what you look like – do you want to play a possible better destination, do you want to interact with others? Or do you want to revive that golden age of decision-making role-playing? Do you, like me, want to go back to what BioWare has developed a few years ago?

Now I know that change is the only constant in our lives – and also the developers themselves develop need, word replay wanted. That is not what this is about. It is about Dragon Age and Mass Effect, and why both franchises glisten alive on the horizon. They are not dead – depending on what you are death understand.

The end of DA and ME? But that is not true

I thought for a long time, Mass Effect finally went down with Andromeda, immersed in a swamp of bad eye animations, critters and perpetual memes. It was a strange time, almost sad, because I liked Andromeda – and I never really understood why the game was so perverse. Maybe I was not critical enough? Maybe I had fun there because I did not have one? Fact is, that games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect were gone. Even then – who can blame me for wanting to enjoy the end of a dying genre?

"The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt!"You can call, but Witcher is not a relationship and decision game, not the size of the earlier BioWare titles. romantic-crazy and heroic space and fantasy opera is over, at least no one has yet to prove the opposite of me. (Oh – Cyberpunk 2077 is the only game that makes me think a little bit right now.) My problem now is that this era is over, but not Dragon Age. No mass Effect.

We all know that Dragon Age will come back. BioWare pelted us with a small taste of Dragon Age 4 during the 2018 Game Awards, so please:

How is it that I still get goose bumps – although I assume that This dragon age is no longer our dragon age will be? How can I hope to continue with a mass effect? although that hypothetical mass effect certainly not what we want? The answer is simple, because hope is always what has remained in the end.

It's about what we get – not what we do not get

Dragon Age 4 is more or less confirmed. In a recent interview with Polygon, BioWare director Jonathan Warner hints that neither Dragon Age (no surprise) nor Mass Effect (big surprise) has been abandoned. If there is a future for BioWare after Anthem, that does not necessarily have to happen without the largest franchises of the developer.

Which does not mean that Mass Effect or Dragon Age 4 will focus on a single player:

"It is not as if we have decided, hey, all our games will now be Anthem. Our other games that we will develop in the future will use the tools they need to stay true to themselves. Or that will be a multiplayer round – we will see it."(Jonathan Warner, Game Director of BioWare)

It is not about Mass Effect and Dragon Age death are, to say it drastically. There will be more games, at least in the universe of the Dragon Age. But what will it be, whether it is multiplayer, single player, MMO or even a mobile game – who knows? Rumors about the next Dragon Age section already point to a multiplayer. Whether the inquisition-like will only be an addition to the single-player campaign or the focus of the game should be clear soon enough.

Mass Effect had Easter eggs – and you may not have it yet all found in the game:

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BioWare has changed – but not as you think

BioWare is no longer the BioWare it once was – many employees have left the studio, It is saidWhen Anthem only existed for us in announcements of trailers and gameplay videos, EA closed the BioWare studio in Montreal last year. Do you remember? It was mentioned here and there, the Mass Effect developers have left BioWarewould pursue their own projects.

That is certainly true for some. Because in a game like Mass Effect: Andromeda (or Mass Effect 1 to 3) different heads work – never all these people are still employed by the same developer. But let's go back to the creative minds who led the Mass Effect 1 project before: They are all with Anthem, The complete Mass Effect cable – without exceptionGame Director Casey Hudson, designer Preston Watamaniuk, head programmer David Falkner, main artist Derek Watts, and game writer Drew Karpyshyn, who was responsible for the dialogue and such. Karpyshyn left BioWare at the end of last year, but by that time Anthem had already largely been completed (so complete can be a game that continues to provide content for years).

Yet it is. The national anthem was carved out by the people who also brought Mass Effect into the world, There is no Let's see what the real Mass Effect makers are working on!, no Have the former Dragon Age developers started a new studio? No they do not. You are still at BioWare and pave the way for the studio with Anthem in a different genre – away from those few players who belong to the past.

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What will become of Dragon Age and Mass Effect? The signs are bad for both games. At least if you do not want to play the heirs of Anthems, but you want to give back those relics that belong to the past. And yet there is still hope for our wonderfully cheap opera series – cyberpunkig and The Outer World-ig on the playing horizon.