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Updates New engines for the Nissan Micra – Automonitor

Nissan changes the range of the Micra with two new proposals in the catalog of engines. This is a new 3-cylinder: 100 hp and 117 hp.

New engines for the Nissan Micra # 1


In the catalog of the Nissan Micra the 0.9 l of 90 hp is replaced by a new 3-cylinder 1.0 l of 100 hp. This turbo petrol engine IG-T is different on different points than its predecessor. It features electric turbo controls, separate cooling, spray coating on the cylinder walls (a first for a 1.0 l), a cylinder head with integrated exhaust manifold, a belt elastic distribution and forged steel crankshaft. The 1.0 IG-T can be combined with a manual gearbox (103 to 105 g CO2 / km) or Xtronic continuous variation (111 to 115 g CO2 / km). This IG-T also achieves 20 Nm of torque to have 160 Nm with the manual gearbox. It is limited to 144 Nm in automatic. The prices of the 1.0 IG-T start at 16.840 €.

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Nissan also launches the 1.0 DIG-T 117 hp. This turbo 3 cylinder delivers a torque of 180 Nm with an extra 20 Nm overboost. It is automatically associated with a six-speed manual transmission. Technically, such as the IG-T, there is spray coating on the inner walls of the cylinder and electric actuators of the turbo. However, it differs with other inputs: a "Delta" -shaped cylinder head, a central injector (250 bar), a turbo with electronically controlled relief valve, a variable valve timing for the intake valves and exhaust and a particle filter. The arrival of these engines is combined with the new N-Sport finish of the Micra.

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