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We may have gone through an almost daily cycle of news that involves tech giants who dispute in court for intellectual property infringement, but patents remain a cornerstone of how companies and people measure their progress and create pits around the work they have done. hoping to turn that into profitable companies in the future. IFI Claims, a company that tracks patent activity in the US In the US, it launched its annual IP work account underlining that issue: it said 2019 saw a new brand of 333,530 patents granted by the US Patent and Trademark Office. UU.

The figures are remarkable for some reasons. One is that this is the largest number of patents granted in a single year; and the second that this represents a 15% jump over the previous year. The high general number speaks of the lasting interest in safeguarding intellectual property, while the 15% increase has to do with the fact that patent numbers actually fell last year (3.5% less), while the number that was submitted and is still in the form of an application (not granted) was larger than ever. If we can get something out of that, it could be that filing cabinets and the USPTO take a little more time to file and process, not a reduction in the use of patents altogether.

But patents do not tell the whole story in another very important aspect.

That is, the most valuable and high-profile technology companies in the world are not always the ones with the highest score in registered patents.

Consider the so-called FAANG group, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google: Facebook is at number 36 (one of the fastest engines but not yet in the top 10) with 989 patents; Apple is number seven with 2,490 patents; Amazon is at number nine with 2,427 patents; Netflix is ​​not in the top 50 at all; and the Android giant, search and advertising Google is simply in 15th place with 2,102 patents (and without special mention for growth).

In fact, the fact that one of the oldest technology companies, IBM, He is also the largest patent applicant almost seems ironic in that regard.

As in previous years, the last 27, to be exact, IBM has continued to hold on to the top spot for the granted patents, with 9,262 in total during the year. Samsung Electronics, at 6,469, it is a distant second.

These numbers, once again, do not tell the whole story: IFI Claims notes that Samsung ranks first when it considers all the “families” of active patents, which can be filed in several divisions (for example, a Samsung Electronics subsidiary that presents separately)) and count the total number of patents to date (compared to those filed this year). In this sense, Samsung is located at 76,638, with IBM as the distant number two in 37,304 patent families.

Part of this can be explained when considering your business: Samsung manufactures a wide range of consumer and business products. IBM, on the other hand, essentially moved from the consumer electronics market years ago and currently focuses primarily on businesses and B2B and much less hardware. That means a much lower priority in this type of R&D, and the subsequent range of families.

Two other areas worth tracking are the most important engines and technological trends.

In the first of these, it is very interesting to see a car company reach the top. Kia jumped 58 places and is now at number 41 (921 patents) – notable when you think about how cars are the next “hardware” and that we are entering a rather exciting phase of connected vehicles, self-driving and alternative energy to boost they.

Others who completed the fastest growth were Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 28 places to number 48 (794 patents); Facebook, up to 22 places up to number 36 (989 patents); Micron Technology, up to nine places up to number 25 (1,268), Huawei, up to six places up to number 10 (2,418), BOE Technology, up to four places up to number 13 (2,177) and Microsoft, Up to three places up to number 4 (3,081 patents).

In terms of technological trends, IFI analyzes a period of five years, where there is now a strong current of medical and biotechnological innovation on the list at this time, with the creation of hybrid plants topping the list of trend technology, followed by the gene CRISPR- editing technology, and then medicinal preparations (directed by cancer therapies). “Technology” in the sense of the computer processor only begins at number four with panels and other technology related to the automobile; With quantum computing, 3-D printing and flying vehicle technology, all also presented.

In fact, if you have wondered if we are in a period of innovation in fallow, Internet and direct computer technology … do not look beyond this list to prove that thought.

As expected, US companies account for 49% of U.S. patents granted in 2019 compared to 46 percent the previous year. Japan represents 16% as the second largest, with South Korea with 7% (I guess Samsung has a large part of that), and China moving to Germany to be at number four with 5%.

  1. International Business Machines Corp 9262
  2. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 6469
  3. Canon Inc 3548
  4. Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC 3081
  5. Intel Corp 3020
  6. LG Electronics Inc 2805
  7. Apple Inc 2490
  8. Ford Global Technologies LLC 2468
  9. Amazon Technologies Inc 2427
  10. Huawei Technologies Co Ltd 2418
  11. Qualcomm Inc 2348
  12. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co TSMC Ltd 2331
  13. BOE Technology Group Co Ltd 2177
  14. Sony Corp 2142
  15. Google LLC 2102
  16. Toyota Motor Corp 2034
  17. Samsung Display Co Ltd 1946
  18. General Electric Co 1818
  19. Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson AB 1607
  20. Hyundai Motor Co 1504
  21. Panasonic Intellectual Property Management Co Ltd 1387
  22. Boeing Co 1383
  23. Seiko Epson Corp 1345
  24. GM Global Technology Operations LLC 1285
  25. Micron Technology Inc 1268
  26. United Technologies Corp 1252
  27. Mitsubishi Electric Corp 1244
  28. Toshiba Corp 1170
  29. Intellectual property of AT&T I LP 1158
  30. Robert Bosch GmbH 1107
  31. Honda Motor Co Ltd 1080
  32. Denso Corp 1052
  33. Cisco Technology Inc 1050
  34. Halliburton Energy Services Inc 1020
  35. Fujitsu Ltd 1008
  36. Facebook Inc 989
  37. Ricoh Co Ltd 980
  38. Koninklijke Philips NV 973
  39. EMC IP Holding Co LLC 926
  40. NEC Corp 923
  41. Kia Motors Corp 921
  42. Texas Instruments Inc 894
  43. LG Display Co Ltd 865
  44. Oracle International Corp 847
  45. Murata Manufacturing Co Ltd 842
  46. Sharp Corp 819
  47. SK Hynix Inc 798
  48. Business development Hewlett Packard LP 794
  49. Fujifilm Corp 791
  50. LG Chem Ltd 791

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