Twitch Streamer ShyBear forbidden to share portraits in progress

Twitch He has banned one of his associate streamers, ShyBear, for creating an unfinished nude portrait during one of his art broadcasts. Twitch has a history of abruptly banning streamers for questionable reasons, such as Viperous’s recent ban on saying “nerd” on the broadcast.

Twitch’s terms of service agreement includes a comprehensive and extensive list of prohibited behaviors for users. At first glance, this list is intended to stop “inaccurate, illegal, infringing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, invasive, harassing, threatening, abusive, inflammatory or objectionable” behavior. However, the way Twitch enforces these terms often results in disproportionate punishments for innocent streamers. Although a former Twitch employee said that Twitch does not automatically prohibit users, many streamers have disputed that claim and criticized the service for its abrupt and frequent bans, among other things.

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Now, another Twitch user has been suddenly suspended for moot reasons. According to a recent tweet by streamer and artist ShybearHe received a three-day ban due to an unfinished nude portrait that was created during one of his broadcasts. In the tweet, ShyBear included a picture of the painting, asking Twitch to “rethink how you forbid and forbid people who really deserve it“The painting shows a naked woman from behind, but ShyBear points out that”you can make nude portraits without nipples … mine had no nipples. I barely had anything yet.

Viperous Prohibition Contraction

Others on Twitter have suggested that a possible reason for the ban could be the fact that the broadcast was titled “Live Nude Paint Auction.” In any case, ShyBear was describing “the painting, not me“in the title, and there was nothing in the transmission that violated Twitch’s code of conduct. Twitch has not responded to questionable prohibitions before, and the company has also not responded to complaints about it.

Twitch seems to be on unstable ground lately, both from a commercial and community perspective. Twitch lost its advertising revenue target for 2019 in millions of dollars, despite changes made to the way ads work on the site. Contraction too spent millions to prevent popular streamers from going to other platforms. As actions like this make your platform less and less attractive to smaller streamers, Mixer and YouTube competition only grows. Twitch It made it necessary to make some serious changes soon if you want to maintain your market share.

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