This PS5 conceptual design based on leaked development kit images looks incredibly real

We have entered the year of the PS5 and yet we still do not know how it looks, so someone used Dreams to represent their own vision of the console based on those filtered images of the PS5 development kit.

You can see that the deep V-shaped concave of the development kit leaks has been leveled and lined with blue LED lighting. The design adopts a more uniform matte black theme but retains the surplus of fans seen in the development kit. Creator Dan Kuhl said IGN that while he based his concept of PS5 on the PS5 development kit, he wanted to “make it look like a realistic console (ish) more consumer friendly.” Kuhl also said that the biggest challenge was to make the ports on the back look as legitimate as possible.

Dreams is an early access game for PS4 that allows players to do almost anything, including a Full english breakfast. Kuhl’s conceptual design for PS5 was made in Dreams and it’s definitely not official, but personally I wouldn’t be mad if it was.

According to Kuhl, the images of his PS5 conceptual design were distributed online and marketed as the official Sony PS5 design. Again, although Kuhl’s creation is impressively detailed and elegant, it is nothing but the product of his imagination. For more creative designs, Kuhl’s Twitter feed It is a treasure of Dreams creations related to video games.

As for an official revelation of Sony’s PS5, pay attention to the conspicuous planning of Sony’s ‘Experience PlayStation’ event It starts on Tuesday, January 14.

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