This is the accusation of plagiarism that Epic Games received for a skin from Fortnite –


Fortnite is currently one of the most played games and although it is generally praised for the brilliant ideas and creativity of the developers, today we offer you a case that the opposite seemed to show.

The company in charge of the game, epic Games, was accused of copying the design of one of the last skins in which a user is named Elecast. The skin they allegedly stole is mentioned Taro. You then have a comparative view so that you can appreciate the parable yourself.

Although they resemble the hair, the mask and the suit in many respects, it has not been confirmed that it is a case of plagiarism. Below we show the statements that you have made to respect from the investigation:

We take these kinds of accusations very seriously, so let's examine this case thoroughly to reach the best possible conclusion.

The fan art was published a few months earlier, but in the end it seems that the date has been adjusted and the accusation has turned to deaf ears. What do you think?

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