The trailer for the MLB game The Show 20 arrives, watch it here


MLB The Show 20The launch is less than two months, and finally we take a look at the game in action. The first advance of the game for the delivery of this year in the franchise shows the expected updates, such as list movements and new animations, as well as some elements that appear to be completely new by 2020.

As usual, the trailer has more cuts than a Michael Bay movie, it is best to provoke fans with brief flashes, but it is possible to get some footage from the footage along with the live broadcast schedule that the SIE developer San Diego Studio published Wednesday on the PlayStation Blog.

The first live broadcast, scheduled for 2 p.m. ET on February 6, will focus on defense. The developers will discuss a new “extreme capture indicator”, which appears to be the visual feature shown from 0: 41-0: 45 in the trailer: the usual baseball icon that indicates the landing point for a ball hit in the air, except with a striped red ring around the circumference. And at the 0:55 mark, we look at the revised Sony San Diego button precision method, with an indication of a visual overlay that “the ability of the fielder is important,” as the live broadcast schedule says.

Of course, there are some pictures of new faces in new places: a well-shaved Gerrit Cole, hitting the batters with a Yankees shirt; Didi Gregorius of the Phillies, sliding to the second by a double; and Anthony Rendon flying a liner for the Los Angeles Angels.

Finally the MLB 20 The breakthrough highlights some of the new greats of all time who will join the list of baseball legends of the series. We have Gary Sheffield, who played for the Miami team when they were known as the Florida Marlins; The Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz; and two of the best closers in history: Yankee legend Mariano Rivera, the only unanimous selection of the Hall of Fame in baseball history, and John Franco in his “Mets in Black” shirt.

MLB The Show 20 It is scheduled to launch on March 17 on PlayStation 4, and could be the last entry in the Sony long-lasting baseball simulation series that is exclusive to the PlayStation. The cover will be adorned by the Chicago Cubs star, Javier Báez.


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