The Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order patch unlocks orange lightsabers for everyone

Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order is opening part of its exclusive preorder content for everyone in the future. That includes a bumblebee skin for your droid and an orange lightsaber blade.

All this content was previously available to anyone who preordered Fallen Order. But now, everyone can get them. Here is the full list of content:

  • Saber blade color orange light
  • Mygeeto campaign lightsaber hilt
  • Umbaran campaign lightsaber hilt
  • Bee skin-D-1
  • Golden Squad Stinger Mantis skin

These unlocks come as part of a new patch for the Star Wars adventure. The update corrects a number of problems, including one that caused the Photomode camera to interfere with the world. Developer Respawn Entertainment posted all the changes in a thread in the official Reddit subforum of the game.

The highlights of those solutions include the adjustment of the photomode. Previously, the camera had a real physical presence in the world, which allowed it to block things like incoming rockets. However, more frustratingly, the camera could get ahead of the player and trigger events in the world that break the game. Respawn has addressed all that.

The study has also made a number of other improvements and corrections.

One thing that this update does not include is a New Game + mode. If you want to continue playing, at this point, you can 100% save your original or start from scratch. If you want to start from the beginning with your unlocked powers, you have no luck.

But Respawn is still cleaning and polishing aspects of the game, and could have a list of solutions that it wants to overcome before adding something substantial and new. East? We will have to look a long time.

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