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The Russians released the & # 39; first in the world & # 39; iPhone with a tourbillon. video

High accuracy

The Russian company Caviar has released a special adaptation of the iPhone XS smartphone, which according to the company has no analogues in the world. The gadget was included in the Grand Complications collection, and the most important distinguishing feature, making it "one and only", is the tourbillon integrated into the housing.

Such an unusual name is very technically complex, but at the same time a miniature mechanism that is part of expensive watches. It is designed to improve the accuracy of the clock mechanism by compensating for the effects of gravity.

For the price of the car

The full name of the smartphone sounds like Caviar Grand Complications Tourbillon. A total of 99 copies are produced and these cost 499 thousand rubles. The manufacturer will not tell what the final price of the device will be, but the press release says that the tourbillon will be built in both the iPhone XS and the larger smartphone iPhone XS Max, the price of the classic version in Russia can be 130 thousand rubles amounts.


The tourbillon, although small in size, is clearly visible on the dial with the naked eye.

For comparison: a Swiss timepiece with a tourbillon costs on average 970 thousand rubles. There are more expensive ones: Patek Philippe Grand Complications, for example, are estimated at 49.2 million rubles.

Characteristics of the mechanism

Why a multi-functional smartphone is cheaper than a device that is actually only designed to display the current time has not been reported to Caviar. The clock mechanism built into the Grand Complications Tourbillon consists of 19 stones and the excitement is manual. The dial, as seen on the renderers, protrudes considerably from the body of the smartphone.

With the self-winding wheel you cannot take the tourbillon iPhone into the Apple brand housing

The power reserve of the watch is 30 hours, and the mentioned tourbillon is placed in the six o'clock position. Here it is one minute, that is, it makes 1 revolution around its axis in exactly 1 minute. The tourbillon was developed in 1795 and patented in 1801 by the French watchmaker. Abraham-Louis Breguet (Abraham-Louis Breguet).

In other words, the iPhone XS smartphone, which is primarily designed for telephone and text communication, also always shows the exact time, regardless of where the owner is in the world. The composition of the classic tourbillon includes balance, anchor fork and anchor wheel, located on a special rotating platform. Caviar did not create a new clock mechanism – instead, she turned to a certain well-known European manufacturer, whose name does not reveal itself.


The overall design concept for Apple's 2018 smartphones has been preserved – the forms are recognizable, the dual camera on the back panel and the cut-out mono-brow on the screen are in place. The front panel of the smartphone does not include black, such as the housing ends, and the back of the device is decorated with gold (Caviar does not specify the sample), a composite stone of black and white colors and directly with a tourbillon for hours.


Black color on the front and at the ends are well combined with the back panel, covered with real gold.

As stated in the Caviar press release, the design of the back of the smartphone displays stylistically reversed images of the planets with their orbits.

iPhone with Russian taste

The release of the original adaptations of Apple smartphones is the main activity of Caviar and it presents different unique models every year. In January 2017 she presented the iPhone 7 with a pure gold coating and portraits Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump (Donald Trump) for 394 thousand rubles, and in the late fall of 2016 she developed a bulletproof version of the iPhone 7 for employees of the Ministry of the Interior. The cost of the smartphone was 224 thousand rubles.

In September 2018, Caviar re-launched the production of the bulletproof smartphones from Apple, but this time it received the latest iPhone XS and XS Max, estimated at least 639 thousand rubles. And with the clock built into the smartphone, she also experimented – October 2018 was marked by the release of the iPhone XS and XS Max with a mechanical skeleton watch embedded in the rear panel of the case. The cost of new products started from 399 thousand rubles.


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