The Ring Fit Adventure speed race is one thing now, because apparently suffering is fun

Ring Fit Adventure Speedrunners spend almost 24 hours exercising, and GamesRadar + does not recommend trying that at home. The world record holder is a Japanese speed racer named Sakinyan, who ran through the Ring Fit Adventure campaign and beat the final boss in an 18-hour session.

You can imagine the scene that follows this extraordinary feat, a sweaty and breathless affair with many cheers, celebrations, and maybe a doctor or two. But how Vice According to reports, Sakinyan simply stopped the stopwatch, wiped his face, did some stretching and then sat down and searched his phone. It is not a big thing.

While the difficulty setting was easier, it is hardly worth mentioning this fact due to the large amount of time Sakinyan was running and performing various resistance exercises.

Another Ring Fit Adventure speed racer, Adam “Ventifer” England, says the idea began as a joke and then quickly became what most of us would consider a nightmare. England has the second fastest record in Ring Fit Adventure race speed in 19 hours and 30 minutes. “I remember making breakfast that morning wondering what my day would be like,” England said. “I prepared as much as I thought I could be and started.”

Ring Fit Adventure was praised at its launch for its ability to make you sweat. As Sam Loveridge writes in The GamesRadar review, “is a much more pleasant experience than going to the gym, but just as physically demanding. It’s a genuine workout full of fun.” What makes these speed races so impressive is the fact that Ring Fit offers such effective workouts in short sessions of 30 minutes to one hour. Just thinking about a 20-hour run makes my lungs shrink in fear.

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