The Pathfinder video game, based on the board game, could have a sequel

Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the isometric role play, could have a continuation. The developer Owlcat Games is working on a follow-up called Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, and once again he is resorting to crowdfunding to finance the development of the role-playing game.

A Kickstarter campaign to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous It is scheduled to launch on February 4, but there is still no launch window for the role-playing game. The Owlcat team dropped 10 screenshots, which we have included below. They show a mock-up of the game currently in development minus a user interface.

The Russian-based development team in Owlcat was relatively unknown before its campaign to Kingmaker It was successful in 2017. The final product was produced in a timely manner, and was launched only one month after it was originally promised in September 2018. Since then, it has accumulated very positive reviews on Steam.

According to a press release, Owlcat has high hopes for the new title. At its core there will be a complete military campaign of “mythical proportions” where players can lead the course of the conflict.

“In Go to, heroes must fight to recover their land from the demonic forces that have conquered it, ”said Owlcat. “Recovering the strategic and heavily fortified city of Drezen to make it the headquarters from which the Crusaders can fight the war will not be easy, as players must carefully consider the allies and war assets they trust. The elections of alliances of the players will drastically influence the results later in the game and will change the relationships they forge with some of their partners. “

Kingmaker and its sequel are based on the role-playing board game Pathfinder by Paizo Publishing. Paizo recently released the second edition of that game, which Polygon reviewed very favorably. It was one of the first board role games that were added to our list of polygon recommendations along with Cyberpunk Red, the prequel to CD Projekt Red Cyberpunk 2077.

The previous campaign of the Owlcat games had an initial order of $ 500,000 (sponsors contributed more than $ 900,000 in Kickstarter) and a lead time of approximately one and a half years. No details have been shared about the next campaign.

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