The new version of Monopoly sends Twitter into a fury


CALGARY – It doesn't take much to lead Twitter in a tailstock and this week a new version of a classic board game is what has slowed the Internet.

Monopoly Socialism has a "living salary" reduced by $ 50 instead of a payment of $ 200 in the conventional version.

A case card says: "It looks like you are going too well for yourself. This is not how socialism works. Choose a player and return five of their chips. "

The property is different in a different way: there is a vegan restaurant without tip and a coffee shop without milk.

And while this version of the monopoly seems to be more satire and a parody of a serious attempt to create a socialist version of the game, the historian Nick Kapur does not laugh.

He tweeted that he bought a copy of the petty and terribly misinformed game, so it's not necessary.

US Senator Ted Cruz is also weighing.

Hasbro Tweets could do the edition of the University: imagine a tree of magic money; give it all free to anyone who wants it; no one works, studies or innovates; and everyone gets an A!

Some other online people are shaking up the satirical game, asking where they can find a copy.


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