The new update of Visions of N’Zoth from World of Warcraft is available

The next content update for World Of Warcraft is live and things look pretty dark. The old god N ’Zoth has escaped his former prison and is beginning to attack the minds of the warriors instead of their bodies. The Visions Of N’Zoth update adds new races and combat challenges for both factions.

Alliance and Horde players are getting new playable races with the N’Zoth update. The Horde will see the new fox type vuplera while the Alliance obtains robotic mecagnomas.

There are also new instances of combat related to the story of N’Zoth that invades the mind. You will need to be at level 120 to begin the story line that unlocks two new Assaults: Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Once you have gained access to both, you can face the new Horrific Visions, which can be approached alone or with up to five players. Within the visions, you should watch your “sanity” bar and run away from the nightmare before it is empty. Every time you complete part of a horrible Vision, you will come out with fragments of N’Zoth’s corruption that will allow you to unlock new elements to support the visions and deepen with each new career.

There are many more changes that came with Visions Of N’Zoth: equipment, pets, mounts, etc. For all the essential details, you can go to the Blizzard publication to find out exactly what the arrival of N’Zoth means to you.


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