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The new Samsung HMD Odyssey headset has a cost of $ 200 today

The Windows Mixed Reality earphones are some of the best VR devices around and the Samsung HMD Odyssey + model is the best Mixed Reality headset currently available. It fell to $ 299 in February, but if you missed the deal, it was again reduced in price.

The Odyssey + was announced last year and has two 3.5-inch 90 Hz AMOLED screens, each with a resolution of 1440×1600. This is a higher resolution than the original HTC Vive (1080 x 1200 per eye) and Oculus Rift (1080 x 1200 per eye). It is the same resolution as the new HTC Vive Pro, which currently costs $ 800. The display also uses Samsung's "anti-screen door effect" technology, which makes the spaces between the pixels less visible.

As for the audio, the headset has built-in headphones with AKG technology, so you don't need to try adapting your favorite headphones to Odyssey +.

If you are not familiar with Windows Mixed Reality, you can play on almost any Steam VR title, as well as the games listed on Microsoft Store. It's a great way to get into virtual reality games without spending a small fortune.

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