The most important games from Gamescom 2019


Updated August 20, 2019, 1:37 PM

"Cyberpunk 2077", the highly anticipated remake of "Final Fantasy 7", action thunderstorms in "Borderlands 3" and much more: these are the most important Gamescom games.

On the Xbox One, the flagship series "Gears of War" from Xbox, once designed by "Fortnite" publisher Epic, has become an uninspired action hunter, but with Part 5, Microsoft wants to bring the cover shooter back to the front of the package with a lavishly staged campaign and many multiplayer modes. At Gamescom there was already the "Best Xbox Game" Award. Even better: it starts on 10 September!

© The coalition / Microsoft

Seven years after part 2, Gearbox & # 39; s popular ego action and role play mix finally enters the third round: with "Borderlands 3", the inventor of the modern "Loot Shooter" throws even more bizarre weapons, monsters, flashy characters and hot shooters Lead in the balance. PC, PS4 and Xbox owners can charge on 13 September.

© Gearbox Software / 2K Games

"FIFA" fans are still crying for the legendary "FIFA 96" halls mode – in the offshoot with the number 20 at the back there is at least something similar to the new game: "Volta Football" is the new, tricky kick on small fields and in cages, At the end of September the kick-off is on almost all systems.

© Electronic Arts

After the success of "Wildlands", Ubisoft opens the next open world and multiplayer battle in the "Ghost Recon" universe: For "Breakpoint" the scenario of the jungles of South America moves to an imaginary Pacific island, on which a paramilitary killer Group is up to mischief. From October 4 the title, awarded with the Gamescom Award for "Best PC Game", is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

© Ubisoft

Ghost hunting in the ghost hotel: "Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3" brings a promising party mode and especially a lot of scary charm and slapstick humor. The maneuvering repertoire of the predecessors is expanded with a few tricks, including a cannon, shooting the toilet bowls.

© Nintendo

Norman Reedus, who shoots mushrooms with his urine, Mads Mikkelsen as a demonic villain and Guillermo del Toro, who walks through walls: in the run-up to Gamescom, Hideo Kojima has finally revealed details of his open-world adventure "Death Stranding". What exactly is going on and why babies & # 39; s are kept in glasses, PS4 fans learn on November 8.

© Kojima Productions, Sony

The switch remake of the original "Pokémon" has received little enthusiasm from fans, but with "Pokémon sword" and "shield" Nintendo wants to do everything right: the first one developed exclusively for the Switch Switch has a new, open World-like region and fresh Pokémon in tow. On November 15 it is again "Grab them all!"

© Nintendo

After more than 25 years the "Doom" demons have finally arrived on earth: at "Eternal" the creatures with dark magic and great caliber in our dimension romp – the player plays the role of the "Doom Slayer" with many "Big "Foot Guns & # 39; and a new grappling hook tool. "Doom" was never faster, bolder and more tiring! Rightly there was the "Gamescom Award" in the "Best Action Game" category.

© Bethesda, id

"Biomutant" from Experiment 101 and THQ Nordic is not the expected open-world adventure – instead, mutant cyber hugs chop through fighting arenas to defeat other sci-fi creatures. The biggest plus of the PC, PS4 and Xbox adventure announced at the end of 2019: the incredibly charming scenario.

© Experiment 101 / THQ Nordic

In 2020, the strategic method of German exceptional developer King Art will finally be implemented from the PC stack: the "Iron Harvest", funded with Kickstarter money, seeks an alternative storyline from the Second World War and crosses the steam engine aesthetic with modern technology. Lovingly elaborated machine models make the title a tactical insider tip.

© King Art

After fans of THQ Nordic & # 39; Darksiders & # 39; surprisingly spoiling them with a third part, the fantasy series on angels and demons now gets their first spin-off: & # 39; Darksiders Genesis & # 39; becomes a & # 39; Diablo & # 39; -inspired action role play with shooter elements, At the end of 2019 the apocalyptic riders on PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch will not continue.

© THQ Nordic, Airship Syndicate

On March 3, 2020, the heroes of Squares PSOne classic "Final Fantasy 7" finally made their overdue comeback: then cloud and its arch-enemy Sephiroth – probably the coolest games villain of all time – by a PS4 remake that was just as elaborately performed as a new "Final Fantasy".

© Square Enix

"Watch Dogs: Legion" (available from March 2020) paints a bleak picture for Great Britain after Brexit: the island is turning into a dictatorship – including total surveillance and flying murder drones. As a hacker and revolutionary, the player tries to win as many people as possible for the resistance. For him, digital tricks and strong violence are right.

© Ubisoft

Artificial limbs, cyber implants and similar power amps set the scene for the sinister game world of "Cyberpunk 2077", with the "Witcher" developer CD Project PC, PS4 and Xbox One players shipped in a gigantic open-world adventure, With: "John Wick "star Keanu Reeves in a cool supporting role.

© CD project red

Not a new "Tomb Raider", but a colossal adventure on the wall in the action universe of "Marvel & # 39; s Avengers": Crystal Dynamics gave the superhero team a screen-worthy PC, PS4 and Xbox One appearance, but is on the move on the original faces of MCU artists. Captain America, Iron Man & Co. save the world from May 2020.

© Square Enix

Those who love the blockheads of Mojang & # 39; s creative hit "Minecraft" and action role-playing games in "Diablo" machart may find "Minecraft Dungeons" the right thing: the cooperative dungeon heel for PC and Xbox One also appears Switch owners can look forward to their own version.

© Mojang / Microsoft

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