The Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browser is now available to everyone

A couple of years ago, Microsoft made an amazing announcement in which they revealed that they would rebuild their Edge browser using the Chromium platform. For those who are not familiar, Chromium is an open source web browser platform created by Google and is what the company bases its Chrome browser on.

For those who have been waiting for the launch of the browser, they will be pleased to know that the new Edge browser is now available for download through the Microsoft website. It is also available for macOS devices if you are running a Mac computer. For users who are considering adopting the new Edge browser, keep in mind that it shares functionality similar to Chrome.

For example, users can synchronize browsing history between multiple devices. There is also extensive support for extensions, where essentially any extension you can run in Chrome, you should also be able to use in Edge. That said, for now the new Edge will remain an optional download for users.

However, Microsoft is expected to finally release a Windows 10 update that will update the current version of Edge to the new version. We imagine that this change should give Microsoft a competitive advantage, as it will be the default browser on new computers, and compatibility with websites and extensions could mean that users won’t need to download Chrome in the future.

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