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The man becomes viral on Twitter to save 2 small children on Sledding Hill

A man became viral after ripping two children out of danger on a sled hill.

Two children seemed to be crushed by a sled when a man appeared – apparently from nowhere – to save them. (SLIDESHOW: These women on Instagram hate clothes)

He grabbed a child by the hand, picked them up and was able to jump over the coming sled. If it ever was an example of the strength of the father, this viral video so on Twitter. (SLIDESHOW: 142 times Josephine Skriver barely wore anything)

Give him a watch below.

My friends, where do we put the medal on this guy's chest? That video was fantastic. It had everything we were looking for in great viral content. There was an imminent danger, an unexpected turn of events and an unreal show of athleticism. (SLIDESHOW: 71 times Samantha Hoopes stripped)

He is holding two children in his arms and has managed to clean up a sled that runs towards him. I cannot express in words how difficult it is. (SLIDESHOW: This blonde bombshell could be the most exciting model on the Internet)

For anyone who has ever sled, these things can pick up speed. Under no circumstances do you want to be hit by one, especially if you are a child. (SLIDESHOW: 60 times Abigail Ratchford wore almost nothing)

Important proposals to this man for saving two children from the wounds they were about to get. This is the kind of content we love to see.

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