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The EA access for PS4 is reported leaked

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At the beginning of this year, EA made fun of EA Access coming to a big platform in 2019. And as you may know, the service is currently only offered on Xbox One and PC (via Origin Access), leaving many to think that the main platform was the Switch for PlayStation 4 or Nintendo. Fast forward to today, and a new escape from Brazil seems to have confirmed that EA was teasing the first, not the second.

More specifically, on Reddit someone posted a screenshot received from a PS4 player in Brazil showing an EA login icon in PlayStation Store.

[Image] Possible loss of EA EA on the Brazilian PSN? from r / PS4

Of course, it could be a false image. According to the user of Reddit, the image was released by another person in a group chat focused on PS4. In other words, the source is a bit poor, so it is perhaps advisable to reserve some grains of salt with this.

That being said, if this image is real or false, the idea that EA Access will come to PS4 seems likely. As you may recall, EA Access was originally launched for PS4 and Xbox One when it was revealed, but Sony refused to participate when the service was launched on Xbox One in 2014. And it didn't say anything as it would have led us to believe has had a change of mind – but here we are, with the tease above and now this image has leaked.

For those who don't know: EA Access is a Netflix style subscription service from EA that allows access to selected games published by EA along with additional incentives, such as the ability to play with EA games in advance.

The service costs $ 30 a year and includes the following titles:

  • NBA Live 19

  • NBA Live 18

  • NBA Live 16

  • NBA Live 15

  • Madden NFL 19

  • Madden NFL 18

  • Madden NFL 17

  • Madden NFL 16

  • Madden NFL 15

  • Madden 25

  • Reveal two

  • unravel

  • Burnout Paradise remastered

  • Fe

  • UFC 3

  • UFC 2

  • UFC

  • The Sims 4 console

  • Star Wars Battlefront II

  • Star Wars Battlefront

  • Need for Speed ​​Payback

  • Need for Speed ​​2015

  • Need for Speed ​​Rivals

  • FIFA 18

  • FIFA 17

  • FIFA 16

  • FIFA 15

  • NHL 18

  • NHL 17

  • NHL 16

  • NHL 15

  • Mass Effect Andromeda

  • Titanfall 2

  • Battlefield 1

  • Hardline battlefield

  • Battlefield 4 (including Premium)

  • Mirror & # 39; s Edge Catalyst

  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

  • Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition

  • Peggle 2


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