Home tech The co-founder of WhatsApp recommends eliminating Facebook accounts

The co-founder of WhatsApp recommends eliminating Facebook accounts

What a surprise it was that those present were taken to the Computer Science 181 conference at the Stanford University, after Brian Acton, one of the makers of WhatsApp will criticize Facebook's privacy policy and encourage participants to remove their accounts from the platform that belongs to Mark Zuckerberg.

"We give them the power. That's the bad part. We buy your products. We sign up on these websites. You have to remove Facebook, right?" Acton said.

He also spoke about the lack of transparency of Facebook and his disagreement with Zuckerberg for exchanging user privacy with companies, by allowing targeted advertisements on his platform.

"The reason for the capitalist gains, or the fact of responding to Wall Street, is what drives the expansion of the data privacy breach", he indicated.

He also emphasized that companies are happy google and Apple are not really willing to decide what a hateful language is, what a good application is, or which webpages are good and bad.

He also explained the reasons that led to the sale of WhatsApp to the Zuckerberg company: "I had 50 employees and I had to think about them and the money they would earn with this sale … I also had to think about our investors and my minority interest. I didn't have the power to say no. & # 39;

This is not the first time that Acton advises people to delete their profiles on the social network, since he posted a tweet from his account last March with the message: "It's time. #borrenFacebook ")".


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