The Chronolife Nexkin biometric t-shirt allows continuous real-time health monitoring

Chronolife I was back in CES 2020 with his biometric shirt Nexkin launched in November 2019, a consumer version of Chronolife’s medical solution that is expected to be launched as a remote health monitoring product in 2020, with FDA and CE class 2a certifications. In 2021, the company will add to the line a patented predictive solution for chronic heart failure with its patented HOTS algorithm for mobile phones.

Nexkin biometric t-shirt, what does it do?

Nexkin is a machine washable T-shirt with 10 sensors located that monitor 6 physiological parameters that continuously record the user’s electrocardiogram, abdominal and thoracic breathing, body temperature, physical activity and lung impedance. The shirt data is transmitted via Bluetooth to the user’s mobile phone, then transferred to secure servers and made available for review from a web interface.

The ECG sensor tracks heart rate, heart rate variability, arrhythmia and tachycardia. The two sensors that monitor respiratory activity track respiratory rate, respiratory capacity, fluid retention in the lungs and respiratory distress. The monitoring of pulmonary impedance allows the characterization of edema. The temperature sensor tracks body temperature, while recorded physical activity includes the number of steps, the indications of posture (sitting, lying, standing) and the intensity of physical activity. The system offers 24 hours of battery life and takes a few hours to recharge.

The non-medical Nexkin product currently available to professionals would allow a coach or an industrial fleet manager, for example, to access the user’s welfare state from a digital dashboard. The solution is customizable to suit the needs of a particular industry or service.
In 2019, Nexkin received the European CE mark and authorization from the US FCC. UU. To operate as a non-medical solution in the EU and US markets. UU., Respectively.

The commercial launch of Nexkin two months ago allows Chronolife customers to explore, test and deploy technology for a wide range of services, in industrial, sports, military, wellness or medical environments.

The Nexkin t-shirt allows the Chronolife health monitoring solution

Graphic, courtesy of Chronolife.

The new artificial intelligence company based in Paris expects organizations and health professionals to implement Nexkin to continuously monitor the physiological markers of users, detect abnormalities and improve the efficiency of the intervention. For insurance providers that incorporate Nexkin in preventive and outpatient assistance services for older users, Chronolife aims to increase patient independence and reduce treatment costs. Pharmaceutical companies could use Nexkin to improve the accuracy and usefulness of clinical trials and therapeutic efficacy programs.

The cutting-edge technology of Chronolife opens the door to a wide range of new applications in various fields, such as aging in the place, care for the elderly, health and safety at work, sports rehabilitation, military training and Performance management.

Chronolife predictive solution, HHow does it work?

When working with the Nexkin shirt, Chronolife’s patented neuromorphic HOTS algorithm integrated into the complementary mobile application is at the center of the predictive solution for patients with heart failure. HOT It represents Hierarchy of event-based time surfaces and it is the key differentiator of Chronolife technology, because it is based on events and not time, according to analyst firm Frost and Sullivan.

HOTS collects, analyzes and predicts the patient’s health status in real time. The patient is informed in advance through alert messages on the smartphone in case a deterioration is detected, allowing treatment adjustment and avoiding costly hospitalizations.

During our meeting at CES 2020, Amber Nawaz, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Chronololife, explained that the HOTS algorithm combines and analyzes the biometric data detected with multiple data flows (data fusion) to define clinical events directly in the smartphone.

Although the system sends all the data collected by the biological detection jacket to secure servers for remote review, only significant clinical events, detected when a signal exceeds or below a threshold, activates the calculation on the device and sends alerts to the patient.
Since a limited data flow in the form of clinical events requires real-time processing, the complex Chronolife algorithm does not require large data computing on servers and can be run on a smartphone, according to Amber Nawaz.

Chronolife predictive solution, what’s next?

With its predictive and monitoring solutions based on artificial intelligence, Chronolife aims to provide better medical care to an aging population that suffers from a greater number of chronic diseases. According to the company, 300 million people in the US UU. And Europe are living with at least one chronic disease, and the number is increasing. There are not enough health professionals and facilities to address the problem properly.

The first predictive solution that will be released in 2021 will be for chronic heart failure, however, the Nexkin smart shirt combined with the HOTS algorithm can address other diseases.

Chronolife technology for patients with chronic conditions allows them to stay at home for longer by predicting the deterioration of their health, which allows health professionals to adjust their therapy and avoid hospital readmissions.

We can see on the website that the company is already working on sleep apnea, epilepsy and sudden infant death.

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