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The Chrome browser 73 automatically offers new synchronization functions and the picture-in-picture function – the world of technology

The Chrome browser 73 automatically offers new sync functions and the Picture-in-Picture feature

In addition to the above support for the Chrome 73 version of the Music Control Bazaar for all tabs simultaneously, the trial version also shows the introduction of many services by synchronizing the login via the Google account in the browser and automatically the image function in the images " PIP ".

Chrome 73 provides a special section to synchronize Google services such as payments, addresses, and passwords other than version 72, which handles much of this data under the privacy item, but in the next version there will be more options available in the list data collected by the browser.

The browser also provides spell-checking to ensure spelling accuracy and send user browser reports while Chrome sync is enabled. It also offers a new search function that allows better results to be obtained through the Chrome option to collect anonymized URL addresses that provide privacy to their owners.

It will also have many options, such as an image-in-picture function via the desktop application, automatically on different tabs, the company adds a button to skip image ads on platforms supported by YouTube.

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