The best ski and snowboard helmets

best ski helmets

If you have been counting the days until the ski lifts begin to turn and observing through the window the least evidence of snow. The ski resorts are finally open, and you will return there for a winter full of glorious skiing and snowboarding. You have your ski board and boots, but the most important thing you will need is a ski helmet. If you are going to hit the slopes at dizzying speeds or walk fast along the tree lines, you must keep your head safe.

Even if you are not an aggressive skier or snowboarder, it is essential to have a high quality helmet. In addition to keeping the head warm and keeping the glasses in place, it offers life-saving protection and reduces the risk of traumatic brain injury (TBI), the leading cause of death among skiers and snowboarders. With that in mind, here are our choices for the best ski helmets you can buy.

Smith holt

best ski and snowboard helmets smith holt helmet

the Smith Holt helmet Not only is it a helmet made for the slopes: the included pad kit allows you to switch from winter to summer use, perfect for biking and skateboarding. You can also independently control the amount of ventilation between the front and upper helmet vents, and its AirEvac system ensures adequate airflow that not only keeps your head dry but also fog-free glasses. While Smith glasses will have the best fit, buyers report that it also works well with many brands that are not Smith.

The molded ABS housing from Holt is extraordinarily resistant to bumps and scratches. It provides superior protection against head injuries, and an optional Skullcandy audio system can be added to the helmet so you don’t have to worry about losing your headphones on the tracks. Smith offers a lifetime warranty on this helmet against defects in materials and workmanship, too.

OutdoorMaster Kelvin

best ski and snowboard helmets outdoormaster kelvin

Time and again, OutdoorMaster products have reached our best lists, not only for the price but also for the reviews of the buyers. the Kelvin helmet Is no different. Despite being less than $ 35, the helmets are not cheap to build: they are still ASTM certified and offer a reinforced ABS shell with an EPS core that absorbs shock. Fourteen vents in the helmet offer ventilation, although we personally prefer more vents in the front to avoid fogging the glasses, that is an area where this particular helmet is not as good as the others.

Even so, with a lot of size and color options for men and women, we believe that those looking for an economic helmet that can still be trusted to offer protection will find that the Kelvin is a great option. And if you bought the OutdoorMaster ski goggles that we also recommend, they will fit well and fit the edge of this helmet for the price you would pay for any of those two accessories with many other brands.

Turning Shelf

best ski and snowboard helmets turn cornice

Turn has been around for a long, long time, so we have no trouble recommending your Ledge ski helmet For you as one of our best options. It is quite economical and offers compatibility with third-party audio systems and an adjustable two-way lining to ensure a perfect fit on your head. We are also grateful that the company has not forgotten the vents in the front to keep its glasses clean, and the color selection is quite wide.

If there is something that bothers us about the Ledge, it is the design. It is basic and without frills. But, again, he is not buying a helmet for its appearance but for its protection. And there, the Ledge is as good as most of the recommendations on our list.

Wild Horn Drift

best ski helmets and snowboard drift helmet wildhorn

Wildhorn is the official helmet supplier of the US ski equipment. UU. And sponsors four-time Olympic Ashley Caldwell, so you know they have to be good. Drift – Ashley’s helmet of choice – is one of our favorites in her line. With a low profile construction that makes it 25% lighter than most competitive helmets and an ultra-luxurious inner lining, you’ll notice that it is worn much more comfortable throughout the day. Drift also includes Wildhorn’s FTA (Fine Adjustment Adjustment) system to ensure a perfect fit regardless of the shape of your head.

Adjustable ventilation allows you to customize the amount of air flow depending on the conditions in which you are skiing or riding, and the pads (compatible with audio with an optional accessory) are removable to make the helmet more comfortable in the warmer conditions . A durable polycarbonate shell fuses with an inner layer of EPS foam to protect against impacts. This is a great helmet, but don’t trust our word: with an average rating of 4.8 on Amazon, it is one of the best reviewed helmets on the site.

Twist Nine MIPS

best ski and snowboard helmets spin nine mips helmet

If you want the best in protection, you’ll want to look for a MIPS helmet. MIPS is the abbreviation for Multidirectional Impact System, which adds a low friction layer between the outer shell and the inner foam. In theory, this should reduce the rotational movement of an impact, and it is shown that in general it is more protective than a standard helmet. Turn Nine MIPS The helmet is one of the cheapest with the technology we could find.

It is a helmet in general better than the Ledge, which we shared before with a lower profile, and the improvements are especially notable in the ventilation department. You can adjust the ventilation openings to your liking, and the lighter weight of the helmet makes it easier to use for long periods. Like other Giro helmets, the Nine MIPS is also compatible with third-party audio systems.

Retrospec Traverse H1

best ski and snowboard helmets retrospec traverse h1 helmet

the Retrospec Traverse H1 It is another great convertible option for seasonal sports enthusiasts. During the winter months, keep the head warm and the head safe thanks to the exterior of ABS and the interior of EPS foam, and cool in the summer months on the bicycle or skateboard thanks to the removable earmuffs and the ventilation and flow of superior air.

Some will find the ErgoKnob adjustable fit nice, as it allows you to mark a better fit by tightening or loosening the helmet structure. The only negative we can say about this helmet is that, like the Ledge Turn, it is very basic and a bit bulky. But when it comes to protection, this is a top-notch helmet with tons of positive reviews on Amazon.

Smith Vantage MIPS

best ski and snowboard helmets smith vantage mips helmet
Among our helmet suggestions, the Smith Vantage MIPS It is by far the most expensive. But it is for a good reason: it is by far a top helmet. The ventilation system of the Vantage MIPS is quite impressive: by functioning as a fully integrated system, the vents keep the hot air away from the goggles and keep them free of fog. Smith’s Hybrid Shell construction combines a rugged Bombshell ABS outer shell, MIPS technology and super lightweight internal foam to make the helmet lightweight and comfortable with a high degree of protective ability.

But that’s not all good about this helmet. You also get a glasses clip to keep your goggles even in the most difficult falls, and an edge to help keep the elements and the sun out of your face while allowing your glasses to breathe. The Vantage MIPS is worth every bit of the premium you will pay for it.

Smith Vantage MIPS

Oakley is a bit new in the game of helmets, but in no way is he a rookie: they have thought a lot about the technology behind these helmets. Mod 5 is the Oakley freeride helmet of its offers. The important thing about the Mod series helmets is the namesake technology, the Brim Modular System. Removable edges allow you to change the edge depending on the type of glasses you wear (obviously meant to work better with Oakley glasses). One works with larger glasses and the other with smaller ones. The result is that no matter what type of glasses you have, you can get a vacuum-tight seal between your helmet and the glasses.

The helmet also has an integrated ventilation system that absorbs the air from the glasses through the edge to expel the fog and regulate the temperature. A MIPS layer offers additional shock absorption and has tons of additional features: a Boa adjustment system, Fidlock magnetic buckle, removable pads, removable goggles band and a removable and comfortable lining.

How to choose the right helmet

The most important thing to remember when choosing a helmet is size. While people sometimes complain about tight helmets, that’s what you want. A loose helmet can cause injuries, since the inner foam lining should touch the head with little or very little space in the middle. You must obtain a measure (in centimeters) of your head; Helmet sizes are based on this.

We also strongly recommend MIPS technology if you can afford it, and especially if you plan to ski or ride more aggressively. As mentioned earlier, rotation movement still occurs in non-MIPS helmets, which exacerbates an injury. The technology works to prevent that from happening, which lessens injuries and can prevent an injury that a standard helmet cannot.

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