The best camera deals for January 2020: Canon, Sony, Nikon and more

Smart phone cameras have become very good in recent years, but for serious photography, even the sharpest phone camera does not replace a suitable handheld camera. However, high-quality digital cameras are not exactly cheap equipment: the best of the manufacturers of brands such as Sony, Canon, Panasonic and Nikon are often considerably more expensive than even premium quality flagship smartphones, so it corresponds to amateur and professional photographers. Do a research before buying and take advantage of any camera offer and package discounts they can find.

The great Christmas sales of 2019 have come and gone; however, retailers still have many offers and promotions by 2020, and we will cover them all here. Read on to get our updated list of the best camera deals on DSLR cameras, mirrorless models, point and shoot and lens packages for January 2020. Of course, you can’t survive with just one camera; You will also need interchangeable lenses (depending on the type of camera you are using), memory cards, carrying cases, tripods and other possibilities, so we have included a handful of good camera deals on those accessories so you can start with your foot Right and save even more.

Today’s best digital camera deals

  • Canon PowerShot SX420 digital camera with accessory kit$ 194 (it was $ 384)
  • Sony Cyber-Shot DSCHX80 / B High zoom camera for point and shoot$ 318 (it was $ 368)
  • Panasonic DMC-G7KS Mirrorless digital camera with single lens with 14-42 mm lens kit$ 448 ($ 352 discount)
  • Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless camera with 14-42 mm EZ lens$ 450 (it was $ 700)
  • Canon T7 EOS Rebel DSLR camera with 18-55mm EF-S lens and accessory package$ 450
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7i EF-S with 18-55mm lens kit$ 649 (it was $ 900)
  • Canon EOS Rebel T7i DSLR Two lens kit with 18-55 mm and 55-250 mm lenses$ 750 (it was $ 1,200)

DSLR camera deals

Mario Calvo / Unsplash

Modern DSLR cameras cover perhaps the widest range of features, capabilities and, of course, price points. Entry-level models can be obtained for around $ 300 or even less if you buy refurbished, while high-end professional grade units operate well above $ 2,000 (and much more in addition to that once you consider the different zoom lenses that are available, something that is easily a complete theme in itself). Fans and serious professionals have long favored these cameras, which feature a reflector mirror (“DSLR” means “single lens digital reflection”) that reflects the image of what is pointing directly at the optical viewfinder.

This mirror simply moves away to reveal the image sensor when shooting, providing you with an accurate and immediate photograph of your subject without the delay experienced by mirrorless camera and point and shoot sensors. The digital single lens reflex imaging system also requires very little power, which means that your camera’s battery can last a long time before you have to recharge or replace it (which is a blessing if you carry it all day).

Digital SLRs are not as dominant as they used to be due to the increasing popularity of mirrorless cameras, but this is generally the first place that aspiring photographers should start looking for when they are in the market for their first “real” camera “, and with a great entry level options and camera deals in progress, there has never been a better time than now to buy one.

Mirrorless camera deals

Panasonic Lumix S1
Daven Mathies / Digital Trends

At first glance, mirrorless cameras look a lot like their DSLR counterparts, and are used for the same purpose, that is, taking clear, super detailed and professional-quality photographs. What distinguishes them is their imaging system (among other details). In a nutshell, mirrorless cameras lack the reflector mirror found within DSLRs, hence their name, although they still have many of the same features and functions, such as the ability to use interchangeable zoom lenses.

Mirrorless cameras are newer than digital SLRs and have increased greatly in popularity in recent years. Instead of using a mirror mirror that covers the image sensor until the image is taken, a mirrorless camera has its sensor exposed to light (and therefore “sees” its subject) at all times. This lack of an internal reflex apparatus means that mirrorless camera bodies are often more compact, and as technology has matured and achieved DSLR designs, many serious fans and professionals now prefer them.

Point and shoot camera deals

best cheap cameras canon powershot g9 x body

A point-and-shoot camera is probably what most people think when they hear “digital camera.” These units are typically more compact and pocket-sized than digital SLR cameras and larger mirrorless cameras. They are ideal for times when the camera of your smartphone does not cut, but you do not want to load a bulky DSLR (and that does not even mention extras such as accessories for lenses that only add to your charge), which makes them ideal for vacations, family gatherings and other occasions when you will take a lot of photos, but photography itself is not your main objective.

Point-and-shoot cameras are also usually cheaper than professional-grade models (although the best with more advanced features can definitely be expensive), so they are a good option for people who want better photos but are not interested in follow photography as a hobby or serious career.

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