That probably means the end for the 3DS


Are you still playing on the Nintendo 3DS or have you completely switched to the Switch?

While last year's investor briefing continued to feed the handheld console with new content, things look very different this year. The Nintendo 3DS was not even mentioned in the briefing announced last week. While that was said before more games in the planning to be overcome silence now, The last time was talked about titles for 2019 and after.

When Kotaku asked Nintendo via e-mail, it only stated that there are no new titles for the 3DS announcement. That doesn't sound like the 3DS is heading towards a golden future.

Even hits such as Animal Crossing Nintendo will implement more for the switch.

That speaks at the moment There are no games planned in the house, There are only a few third-party games. There are two in Japan and only one in America, because it seems unclear with Germany at the moment.

It looks like the 3DS is downright dead and was replaced by its functions, of course by the Nintendo Switch. So far, Nintendo has not publicly announced the end of the 3DS. However, investors no longer presented internal games for the system not a good sign,