Tesla will open a design and research center in China

(Reuters) – US electric car manufacturer Tesla plans to open a design and research center in China to manufacture “Chinese-style” vehicles, the company said in a recruitment notice on its official WeChat account.

Wednesday’s announcement sought to recruit designers and other staff to help meet the goal and requested applications by February 1, but did not identify the location of the center.

“To achieve a change from” Made in China “to” Designed in China, “Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proposed something very interesting:[ting] create a design and research center in China, ”he said.

However, it was not immediately clear when the center could start operating.

Tesla’s first factory outside the United States is in the eastern city of Shanghai, and the factory began delivering Model 3 vehicles made in China this month.

Last week, Musk launched a Model Y electric utility vehicle program at the $ 2 billion factory, with a stage dance that caused a storm online.

That was also the week when Tesla’s stock value reached almost $ 89 billion, eclipsing the sum of General Motors and Ford values ​​for the first time.

The stock movement was driven by a surprise third-quarter gain, progress in China’s new factory and deliveries better than expected in the fourth quarter.

(Reports of Brenda Goh, edition of Clarence Fernández.)

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