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Surfing the Internet for ten hours is the standard of Apple> ifun.de

Have you ever noticed that the battery life of the iPad has not changed since its introduction in 2010? The tablet was then advertised with the ability to surf the web for up to ten hours without a Wi-Fi outlet, and it has remained that way until today.

Apple clearly believes that this maximum usage time is sufficient, and that is probably the case for most users. The company has since specialized in selecting the batteries used in the iPad according to this standard.

Original Ipad 2010 Apple

Apple's first iPad in 2010

Undoubtedly, the improved technical components contribute over time to reducing the power consumption of the devices in principle. However, this is compensated by more hunger for performance due to accelerated computing power and, in particular, the significantly improved screen resolution over time.

In the case of the iPad mini, for example, when it was introduced in 2012, a 16.5-watt-hour battery was sufficient to meet Apple's 10-hour standard. At that time, however, the device also had a miserable display from today's perspective, only 1024 x 768 pixels had to be illuminated. Since the jump to the current 2048 x 1536 pixels, a 19.32 watt-hour battery performs much better. But technical progress is also noticeable here. More power in the battery does not necessarily mean that it has to be larger or heavier on the scale. The weight of the iPad battery installed in 2012 is 94 grams Apple and is used in the current iPad mini 5 battery, despite its much better performance with 98 grams, but slightly more.

Unlike the iPad mini, Apple did not have to take such a drastic step in the screen resolution on the iPad Air. This is probably the main reason why the batteries that have been built in have not been significantly different since 2013. Apple even comes with the iPad Air 3 with less power than was the case with the first version. A 165-gram battery with 32.9 watt-hour installed in 2013, today a slightly lighter model with 147-gram and 30.8 watt-hour is enough to meet the Apple standard of 10 hours of battery life while surfing.


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