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"Steam has killed the PC gaming industry and Epic Games is fixing this."

The stand-by position of Steam and Epic Games escalates with every week: Tim Sweeney & # 39; s company announces one exclusive deal after another (the last major announcement was related to Borderlands 3), and publishers and developers often refuse together to work with Valve after the appearance of the project page in her store. Most gamers who speak online are not happy with such competition, but former Valve employee Richard Geldreich thinks that Epic Games is doing everything right.

Geldrich worked at Valve from 2009 to 2014 as a software engineer. He had a hand in Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 2, Dota 2, as well as the Linux versions of Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2. He previously worked in a similar position at Ensemble Studios that closed in 2009 about Age of Empires III and Halo Wars and after Valve got a job at Unity Technologies.

A former employee expressed his point of view during a controversy that began with Sweeney's & # 39; s tweet. The head of the company published a link to the USgamer article, which the author called "Paranoids and xenophobes" people accuse Epic Games of transferring user storage data to the Chinese government. Other users started responding to the manager (including Geldrich, described espionage costs such as "Madness"), and the conversation shifted to the topic of the effects of Epic Games on the industry.

"All Epic Games did was take, swallow up all projects,I wroteReturning to Sweeney, composer and designer of TheDori Changrae. – You kill the computer game industry. "" Die Steam killed the gaming industry,he stated Geldrich. – 30 percent tax applies to everyone [разработчиков и издателей]Is unbearable. You have no idea how profitable Steam was for Valve. Just a virtual printing press. He ruined the company. Epic Games is now fixing this. "

According to the programmer, most of the 30 percent deductions are left "A small number of people who did not care about industry and working conditions". " Epic Games also offered developers "Fair conditions", and that is why the company soon has such a number of partners.

"Yes, Steam was the firstcontinued he said. – And what? At that time, 30 percent deduction turned out to be a better option than 50 percent when releasing retail games. But now such circumstances are ridiculous, they suppress developers. In this way, Valve insults partners and employees. She doesn't appreciate them. & # 39;

"Gamers believe that the PC is a special platform with immunity to market changeshe noticed he said. – That's not it. For a long time it was monopolized by a greedy shop, and gamers get used to it. But change was inevitable. Even if the Epic Games Store fails, another site will appear. […] Players overlook the fact that the gaming industry has changed – considerably and irrevocably. Exclusive and digital store competition is now commonplace for PCs. This is necessary to grow the sector and to keep it viable. "

According to Geldrich, players will continue to complain because Epic Games will close deals "Year or more". Steam becomes a refuge "Indie studios & # 39; s and second-tier companies"while big-budget projects first appear in the Epic Games Store and other stores. At the same time, he agrees that the Epic Games platform now lacks many important functions. However, he is convinced that the company "Hear well" its users and sooner or later the service will not be worse than Steam in terms of functionality. "All this negative about exclusives does not cost them that expensive – maybe 5-10% of sales"– suggested the programmer.

"It would be great if there was ever a fully-fledged alternative to Steam, – he wrote. – Creating a digital store is not such a big science: all you have to do is copy the best functions of Steam. "

Almost none of the participants in the discussion supported Geldrich and TheORGANGRAE called him "Only annoyed ex-employee of Valve, pursuing personal goals".

In March, Epic Games Store Business Development Manager Joe Kreiner (Joe Krener) announced the company "Will try to avoid" late deals with developers and publishers, causing the games to disappear from Steam shortly before the premiere (as happened with Metro Exodus). But last week, Sweeney explained that the company would not refuse such contracts if the other party took responsibility.

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