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Steam goes against Review Bombing after Epic Deal

Borderlands 3 is only available at Epic for six months. The fans express their frustration with it in Steam Reviews. Now steam for the first time against such & # 39; n action.Borderlands 3 is only available at Epic for six months. The fans express their frustration with it in Steam Reviews. Now steam for the first time against such & # 39; n action.

Update from April 7, 2019: Steam introduced its anti-bombing system last month, now it was used for the first time on Borderlands 1 and 2 and The Pre-Sequel.

The system detects unusual assessment activities and warn Valve. The developer can then remove criticisms that are not related to the game itself from the overall rating.

This was the case with Borderlands, which is why the games are "very positive" or "balanced" by default in the pre-sequel. As a player, you can use the & # 39; off-topic reviews & # 39; switch off again. Moreover, the reviews remain fairly visible, so you can continue to follow the gamblers of the Epic Store in the comments.

While Steam Database tweets, Borderlands 2 was the first game to which the system was applied – there were total more than 4,000 reviews excluded.

The measures against probation bombing are an important step. Finally, the method was used for the epic store controversy. For example, when PewDiePie fans wanted to take revenge on the developer Campo Santo by punishing Firewatch.

Original message: A few days ago, Gearbox announced that its Borderlands 3 rd first six months after release exclusively at the Epic Games Store. This agreement does not end until April 2020, after which the game can appear on Steam and Co.

The reactions of the fans did not wait long and it spoke about Steam negative reviews for Borderlands, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

The ratings of the three popular shooters are currently extremely strong. The first two parts have on average achieved a "very positive" overall assessment and have now arrived "balanced". Pre-Sequel, on the other hand, falls from "usually positive" to "usually negative".

Users express their frustration

The tenor is clear: players don't like the Epic Games Store and don't want to be forced to use it. A majority of fans announce their removal from a negative rating once Borderlands 3 is released on Steam.

The Review Bombing is not only drawn by the negative reviews, even if they represent the clear majority, but also by the positiveHowever, the latter are by no means sympathetic to Epic, but also criticize the Fortnite developer. According to them, that should not be a reason to talk badly about the old parts of the outlier.

Borderlands 3 - Second Gameplay Trailer shows the name and new skills of the four heroes


Borderlands 3 – Second Gameplay Trailer shows the name and new skills of the four heroes

That is why players suffer from the Epic Store

Critics do not only express their frustration in their comments. Some also explain the reasons for his aversion. Players are not bothered by the fact that they have to install a different launcher, but by business practices and various problems with the Epics Store. They criticize the following points, among others.

Poor security: One of the most common criticisms is the poor security of Epic. This eliminates the need to validate new accounts, and in the past, users of Epic Launcher received email every day about unauthorized login attempts. And even with the Fortnite app on Android, there were problems that allowed hackers to install malware on the phones of unsuspecting victims.

Missing functions: Compared to Steam and other online stores, the Epic Games Store has few functions. Epic has already published a roadmap that is yet to come in the future.

Anti-competitive behavior: The exclusive deals themselves are a problem. Many players claim that they restrict competition. After all, they no longer have the choice where to buy a game and are forced to use the Epics Store. Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, on the other hand, sees it the other way around and finds exclusive tracks the best way to compete with Steam. By the way, Epic is not bringing in this money. The CEO says things will go well in 2019 a minus company will drive.

Borderlands 3 – See screenshots

Epics Store behaves like malware: Tim Sweeney himself has confirmed that the Epic Games Store scans your hard drive for a file on Steam without asking. This behavior of the software was criticized by programmers: the Epic Games Store behaved no different than malware. Gar Valve himself commented on the functioning of the Epics Store with little sympathy.

Partnership with Tencent: Also that Chinese gaming giant Tencent owns 48% of the Epic Games, is often viewed with suspicion. Users fear that their data will be passed on to the Chinese government. Epic itself explicitly denies this and otherwise there is no evidence for these allegations. Tencent also holds a number of Western gaming companies such as Ubisoft and the developer Grinding Gear Games, which follows the path of exile.

Steam review bombing protection not yet active

Valve is currently working on methods to prevent such bombing by assessments without censoring users' opinions. They already launched a beta of this new system last month. It seems not yet active in the reviews of every Borderlands title.

The new Valve tool should be able to recognize assessments that are not related to the actual game. After an assessment of the personnel of the valve, they must then be excluded from the general ranking. These include, for example, the opinions that complain about an exclusive deal with Epic. After all, Borderlands 1 and Co. don't get any worse because Borderlands 3 will only be on Epic for six months.

Epic Store Vs. Steam - Why exclusive games won't win this fight


Epic Store Vs. Steam – Why exclusive games won't win this fight

No reactions?

Because messages to the Epic Store are associated with high emotionality, you repeat many discussions and the degree of moderation is correspondingly high, we have decided to bundle the comments in a collective thread in the forum. There you can discuss together. You can find the thread here:

Wire collection: exclusively for the epic store


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