Spotify loves to play with his application, and in the last server-side test, he replaced the Like button on the mini player with the album cover of the song. It looks lovely, but the problem is that it sacrifices the function for the form.

This may seem like a minor change with minimal consequences, but it hinders some vital functions. Spotify is the best to know what you want to hear next, and it does so by analyzing the music you love. That is why the Like button is essential: if the user does not listen to songs, Spotify has more difficulty predicting what he wants.

Of course, you can still like a song when you open the full media player and animate it from there, and it is by no means the end of the world. But adding an additional step to something so crucial to what makes Spotify so good is questionable, and makes Spotify’s workflow a little worse.

Left: New album user interface, Right: Old Heart Button UI

It is not definitive that Spotify will implement this change widely, although it has been so in the iOS counterpart for a few months. Hopefully, with some comments from the community, the company can find a middle ground between the two interfaces.

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