"SpongeBob SquarePants" themed game show to launch on Facebook and YouTube


Viacom Digital Studios plans to produce original series based on the content of Nickelodeon, Awesomeness, BET, Comedy Central and MTV

Viacom Digital Studios is creating a game based on its famous cartoon franchise "SpongeBob SquarePants", the company announced Monday morning at the 9th annual NewFronts event in New York. Scheduled for launch in 2019, "SpongeBob Smarty Pants Game Show" will be broadcast on Facebook and on the SpongeBob branded YouTube channel.

The series will include two SpongeBob super-fans competing to win "The Golden Pineapple" by answering trivia questions, completing messy stunts and competing in SpongeBob themed games.

And SpongeBob is not the only piece of IP that gets a digital makeover. Viacom plans to launch a series of digital programs on Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube based on important events, linear franchises and digital content from Awesomeness, BET, Comedy Central and MTV.

The company also announced a partnership with Snap Inc. on two new original series from its BET and MTV division. From BET, "De & # 39; Arra & Ken Prank Show" has as protagonists two YouTubers that collaborate with couples who want to play pranks on their significant other. The series is expected to be launched on Snapchat in 2019. In addition, the planned launch on Snapchat this year, in June, is "Wrong Distance Relationship" by MTV. The Snap Original is a series of docu-dramas that follows three couples across the country trying to prevent their love story from melting despite the thousands of miles that separate them.

Viacom Digital Studios has also launched two new shows: "Drag My Dad" (MTV) and "Throwback with Nickelodeon" – exclusively on Facebook Watch. Hosted by Bob the Drag Queen, "Drag My Dad" showcases fathers trying to connect with their children by dressing in drag. "Throwback with Nickelodeon", hosted by Smosh co-founder, Anthony Padilla, presents sit-down interviews with the stars of Nickelodeon's older shows

"We have made incredible progress in the last year thanks to our acquisitions and expansion to grow our digital coverage significantly for the direct benefit of our advertising partners," said Sean Moran, head of advertising solutions for Viacom. "With more points of contact than ever, we are looking forward to taking advantage of the full range and power of Viacom to help our customers create real and authentic connections with our highly coveted and hard-to-reach audience wherever they are. . "

Below is the complete list of digital shows announced by Viacom Digital Studios.


"Brent Rivera & # 39; s Dream Vacation" (AwesomenessTV YouTube channel, summer 2019): Join Brent Rivera and his friends as they leave the LA grind for the holidays of your life.

"How to survive: a break" (AwesomenessTV YouTube channel, summer 2019): YouTuber Eva Gutowski is the star of this drama series of romantic comedies on all the excruciating and sometimes hilarious steps to overcome a disorderly breakup and perhaps find a new love along the way.

"Light as a Feather" Season Two (Hulu, 26 July and 4 October 2019): After inheriting the curse caused by the lethal "Light As A Feather" game, McKenna finds herself plagued by the mysterious chrysalis on her back, a watch that drives her to play a new round of game … But McKenna refuses, he doesn't want to put anyone in danger. However, as the curse begins to destroy her from within, she is forced to turn to the only person who can help her – Violet.


"Black coffee" (YouTube, Facebook Watch, Twitter, O&O; Coming 2019): Black Coffee is a series of original digital talks with Marc Lamont Hill. This morning show promises to make spectators "wake up" by retrieving the liveliest conversations of black Twitter. Marc will be joined by guests representing some of the most influential voices of this generation and the show will feature exclusive discussions on Twitter every day social most fashionable topics in the media. These segments will trigger passionate conversations from viewers about interesting and relevant topics.

"Show Butter by De & # 39; Arra and Ken" (Snap Original; Coming 2019): YouTube stars De & Arra and Ken join couples who want to joke with their significant other and challenge each other to see who can pull off the same best joke.

"Two cultivated" (YouTube, Facebook Watch, O & O, May 1, 2019): two 21-year-old women have recently moved to New York and are fighting hilariously to grow and pursue their dreams. Jourdan Guyton and Alana Johnson play in this clever comedy full of humor and charm.

Comedy Central:

show in late evening untitled by David Spade (YouTube, Facebook Watch, Twitter, Instagram, O & O; Summer 2019): our new late-night series hosted by David Spade will launch show channels and publish content on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram is Twitter.

Gus Johnson Overall Talent Deal (YouTube, summer 2019): Gus Johnson has signed a general agreement with Viacom Digital Studios to create original monthly videos for Comedy Central, as well as more episodes from the "Low Budget" series. He will also be on a number of existing Comedy Central social series, including "That & # 39; s an App" and "As seen on CC".

"Second chance with Jason Nash" (YouTube, summer 2019): the forty-year-old comedian and digital star, Jason Nash, takes into consideration all the life experiences he lost in his youth.

The Daily Show Digital Expansion (YouTube, Facebook Watch, Twitter, Instagram, O & O, April 2019): Viacom Digital Studios has invested in the expansion of The Daily Show's digital presence with numerous new formats and exclusive digital series under development.


"3 days with …" (YouTube; Coming 2019): told through our exclusive MTV lens, this new series of docu will provide unfiltered access to emerging and established artists.

"Drag my dad" (Facebook Watch; Summer 2019): hosted by Bob the Drag Queen, this sumptuous show with a heart shows fathers who choose to approach their children, believe it or not, turning you into fabulous divas.

"MTV No Filter: Tana becomes 21" (YouTube, Summer 2019): the first installment of MTV's new reality series "No Filter" will follow the social media maiden Tana Mongeau and her crazy crew as they surf the vlog life, in the studio, celebrate and finally become adults.

"Next Big Dance Move" (YouTube, July 2019): three competitors will perform in what they think is the next big dance move in front of an estimated jury.

"Wild & # 39; N Out" (Twitch; Summer 2019): since the "Wild" N Out "fans love video games, we are launching a dedicated Twitch channel so that the show personalities can play alongside the fans.

"Wrong Distance Relationship" (Original Snap, June 4, 2019): "Wrong Distance Relationship" is a series of docu-dramas that follows the evolution of three couples across the country trying to keep their love story alive. the most terrible of circumstances.


"Annie vs. Hayley" Season 2 (YouTube; Coming 2019): after their LeBake battle, your favorite competitive sisters are back for more. Annie and Hayley LeBlanc will test their design and style skills in a series of DIY challenges in the new episodes of Annie vs. Hayley.

"Jayden & # 39; s Dance Throwdown" (YouTube; Coming 2019): dancers from every corner of the Internet are intensifying the feeling of Internet Jayden Bartels in a series of epic head-to-head fights. Challengers can be masters of their craft, but they will have to adapt and overcome when Nickelodeon throws some serious curve balls into their routine. Who will Nickelodeon fans crown the winner? Find out on "Jayden & # 39; s Dance Throwdown".

"JoJo and BowBow Show Show" Season 2 (YouTube; Coming 2019): JoJo Siwa and Bow Bow are back! Join this couple as they venture into brand new animated adventures with a bunch of new friends and their furry friends.

"SpongeBob Smarty Pants Game Show" (SpongeBob YouTube Channel, Facebook; Coming 2019): "SpongeBob Smarty Pants" is a digital game show in which two SpongeBob superfans compete to win The Golden Pineapple by answering trivia questions, completing messy stunts and competing in SpongeBob themed games! There will be special live show episodes broadcast through Nickelodeon's social media accounts.

"Come back with Nickelodeon" (Facebook Watch; Summer 2019): digital star Anthony Padilla sits and gets nostalgic with some of your favorite Nick stars of the past.

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