Specialized Angi shock sensor now works with Wahoo Elemnt computers


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Wahoo Fitness has announced another firmware update for its range of Elemnt GPS computers that should make the Specialized Angi helmet crash sensor a bit more convenient to use.

Let me go back a little. Angi is a small impact sensor that is in the retention system of several specialized helmets and can also be installed in most other helmets. Those who remember the original technology, the little yellow shock sensor called IceDot, will know exactly what this is. In summary, the sensor is connected to your phone, and in case of a crash, the sensor will automatically activate an alarm that will alert your emergency contacts about your whereabouts, unless you indicate otherwise to the application.

Specialized previously acquired that technology and made it easier to use and less obstructive than the original. And now, Wahoo seeks to make it even easier and with an element of convenience.

Until now, to use an Angi, you would need to activate the sensor, start your journey through the Specialized Ride application and then access your phone in case you accidentally activate the emergency lock protocol.

The new firmware update is currently only for iOS users, but Wahoo says there is an upcoming Android version.

The latest Wahoo firmware will allow Wahoo to control the Angi sensor. Whenever you have the Specialized Ride application running at the bottom of your phone, every time you start a trip through your Wahoo Elemnt GPS, the Angi will also automatically start.

Obviously, that is more convenient than the current approach, but the great news here is that you can cancel an accidental emergency trigger directly from your GPS device.

He accidentally hit his helmet? You can now cancel the emergency alert directly from a Wahoo device.

The new feature requires that you install the latest (free) firmware on your Wahoo and Angi devices. You must also run the Wahoo Elemnt Companion application and the Specialized Ride application in unison, even if you no longer need to specifically enter the latter.

Wahoo has been quite progressive in opening its compatibility to products outside its own line, especially those related to driver safety. A recent example of this is that Wahoo updates its firmware to work with Garmin Varia bicycle radar devices.


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