Home tech Spaceship Bereshit completes maneuver around the moon

Spaceship Bereshit completes maneuver around the moon

The Israeli ship Beresjit successfully completed a maneuver around the moon on Monday morning, just a few days before the moon landing programmed from the ship.

Bereshit, Israel's first spacecraft, is scheduled to land on the moon on Thursday, April 11, about a month and a half after its launch on February 21 (February 22, Israeli time) from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

According to an update published by spacecraft designers and manufacturers, SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries, Bereshit lowered his height above the moon during the maneuver while preparing for landing on Thursday.

Berishite of Israel sends his first images of the moon
Photo: Bereshit

"This morning, Monday, 8:19 AM at 7:48 AM, the SpaceIL and IAI Technical Team successfully made a new maneuver around the Moon. During the maneuver, the engines ran for about 36 seconds and the amount of fuel burned was about six kilograms ( £ 13). "

"During the maneuver, the altitude of Apolune (the point furthest from the moon) was lowered from 750 kilometers (466 miles) to 210 kilometers (130 miles) from the moon and in fact it became Perilune (the closest to the moon) Bereshit is now in an elliptical orbit at an altitude of 211 kilometers (131 miles) to 467 kilometers (290 miles) around the moon. "


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