Sony unconsciously unveiled the number of players of many projects for PS4 – Gambling


Last week we were talking about the video "Living with ps4", Which can be" created "by any console owner after he has learned some personal statistics related to the device.

In the video Sony gave the total number of players who earned the rarest trophy in the user's collection, giving enthusiasts the tools to count the total number of gamers in different projects. In the "Trophies" section on PS4, if there is something, you can see the percentage of those who received the prize.

Through simple manipulations, a website with statistics quickly appeared, in which the estimated number of players in certain projects was calculated on PS4. Now the list is actively being expanded, but it is difficult to talk about the success of this year's novelties. The user information itself is relevant for the period from November 20 to December 4.

Of course, the data presented does not reflect sales, but the number of players that could receive their copy in various ways – from the purchase of used drives and the distribution of an account to free weekends and distributions in PS Plus.

At the time of publication of the news, the twenty most popular games on PS4 are:

  1. Grand theft car v – 51.7 million players;
  2. FIFA 18 – 32.5 million players;
  3. FIFA 17 – 30 million players;
  4. FIFA 16 – 28.3 million players;
  5. Minecraft – 25.6 million players;
  6. Call of Duty: WWII – 24.6 million players;
  7. Missile competition – 22.6 million players;
  8. FIFA 15 – 19.2 million players;
  9. Fortnite (Europe and Australia) – 16.2 million players;
  10. The last of us – 15.9 million players;
  11. Rainbow Six Siege – 15.3 million players;
  12. Battlefield 4 – 13.9 million players;
  13. Call of Duty: Ghosts – 12.6 million players;
  14. FIFA 19 – 12.5 million players;
  15. Overwatch – 10.2 million players;
  16. Need for speed (2015) – 9.73 million players;
  17. NBA 2K18 – 9.4 million players;
  18. Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex strikes back – 9.39 million players;
  19. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – 9.23 million players;
  20. HITMAN (taking into account the free first episode) – 8.82 million players.