Sony launches a new wireless camera to facilitate vlog

Sony today announced a new camera grip, the GP-VPT2BT, which connects to many of the company’s recent mirrorless cameras via Bluetooth and will cost $ 140 when shipped this month in North America.

Unlike camera handles that use a cable connection, the Bluetooth approach prevents cables from getting in the way and leaves the camera ports sealed and protected. This design should give you a little more flexibility to achieve the perfect angle (or get an excellent shot for your vlog) while holding the camera with the handle.

Sony says the grip is compatible with Alpha A9 II, A9, A7R IV, A7R III, A7 III, A6600, A6400 and A6100 cameras, as well as RX100 VII and RX0 II cameras. It features most of the movie mode controls you want, including a zoom control, a lock switch and a customizable button.

Image: Sony

The grip can also be turned into a tripod by extending its built-in legs, which looks useful:

Image: Sony

Sony says the grip has a “reliable dust and moisture resistant design,” but a footnote on the company’s website says “it is not guaranteed to be 100% dust and moisture proof,” So you may not want to take it out of a downpour.

Since the grip depends on its own battery for power, you will want to make sure that your camera and the grip are charged before shooting.

The grip still does not appear to be for sale in the Sony online store, but you can register on the GP-VPT2BT product page to receive a notification when it is available.

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