Sony finds its "Alex Rider" with Otto Farrant to play Teen Superspy – Deadline


EXCLUSIVE: Sony has found its Alex Rider – Mrs Wilson the star Otto Farrant was chosen to face the restart of the small screen of the super teenager.

Farrant, who played Nigel Wilson in the PBS Masterpiece and Ruth Wilson's BBC drama, will play the eponymous character in the series, produced by Sony Pictures Television and British indies Eleventh Hour Films, who opted for the rights on the screen of Anthony Horowitz novels in 2017.

The move comes after the producers opened a vast search for a young actor to play Alex Rider, a reluctant teenage superspy who undertakes missions to save the world.

Farrant also had small roles in ITV and the Netflix drama in the past Marcella, War & Peace, The White Queen is Salmon fishing in Yemen.

Eight-part series Alex Rider is fully funded and in production after the Sony Pictures Television Divisions International Production and Worldwide Distribution joined for the first time to highlight the series.

The novels, written by Foyle's war creator Horowitz, trace the adventures of a reluctant teenage superspy in his quests to save the world. The last book of the Alex Rider series, Secret weapon, was published earlier this month; the books have sold over 19 million copies and are particularly popular with readers of young adults. Alex Rider was previously adapted as a feature film in 2006 with The Weinstein Company.

The television adaptation does not currently have an issuer attached. The series is written by The Borgias is The hole writer Guy Burt and will start with Point Blanc, the second book in the series. EHF's Eve Gutierrez and Jill Green will be the executive producers of the TV series along with Horowitz and Burt. Das Boot is The Dark Valley director Andreas Prochaska is the director.

Prochaska said: "We met many people for the role of Alex Rider, but when Otto came into the room, there was something magical about him. He has the perfect combination of youth and skill, innocence and professionalism, to bring this iconic character on the screen ".