Sonos will stop updating its older speakers and hardware in May


Compared to most hardware companies, Sonos has done an admirable job of keeping their speakers up to date, regularly sending updates to their various products. But there is only one time when the company can continue like this. This week, Sonos revealed that it would stop updating some of its oldest products in a few months:

Next May, these legacy products: our original Zone Players, Connect and Connect: Amp (released in 2006; includes versions sold until 2015), Play: 5 first generation (released in 2009), CR200 (released in 2009) and Bridge (released in 2007): you will no longer receive software updates or new features.

Most of these units are currently part of the Sonos exchange program, which offers up to a 30 percent discount on Sonos newest products, such as Sonos Move or Play: 5 second generation.

It is worth noting that the fact that Sonos stops updating its older devices does not mean that they will stop working; The company expects them to do so for some time later. However, it will no longer guarantee that the speakers will work with all transmission services, as the new features may require more processing power than the speakers can offer. The company says “it has reached a point where some of the oldest products have extended to their technical limits in terms of memory and processing power.”

Sonos estimates that 92 percent of the products that are shipped are still in use, which is a notable number in this iterative technological world, but there is only a considerable amount of information that you can use in the old hardware. If you are interested in changing your old speakers once the bucket is kicked, you can read more about the Sonos exchange program (and its controversial ‘recycling mode‘) here.


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