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So you get the best deals

Today it starts again. Amazon is launching the Spring Offer Week, which runs until April 15, 2019. There will be countless offers every day. GIGA tells you how you can prepare for the deal battle.

Start Spring Offers Week at Amazon: how you can get the best deals

Source: GIGA.

Spring Offers week started on Amazon

Update from 08.04.2018, 8:10 am: The spring offer week at Amazon has started. Now you can do a lot of good bargains. These are the most important links:

The original article:

The deal fight has begun. Today it started. There will be hundreds of offers every day in one week. If you are looking for a specific product, you can prepare yourself. Amazon supplied the first tip itself. Namely, one should get a preview of the offers via the Amazon app:

So Amazon sends a push notification to app users when it hides a spring offer per week.

You can download the Amazon app for Android smartphones and the iPhone here:

Amazon Shopping


GIGA has more tips for you:

  1. Record daily offers: The deals run throughout the day and are usually attractively priced.
  2. Use preview: Amazon always gives an example of products that start at a certain moment. So you can be on time if your desired product is offered.
  3. Prime customer: If you are not yet a main customer, use the. Prime customers will probably have access to the deals 30 minutes earlier. That can provide the decisive advantage. You can then resign if you do not want to use it.
  4. GIGA is looking for good deals: We will review the offers daily and choose the best deals. Subscribe for free to GIGA at WhatsApp to not miss the best deals.
  5. Remember price comparison: Amazon will promote all offers very aggressively and show a presumably high price saving. Don't fall for it. The non-binding price recommendation is often used, not the street price. So make the price comparison if you really want to save.

Spring offer week at Amazon

More tips for Amazon shopping:

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Shopping at Amazon: Everyone must know these 18 tricks.

Spring offer week at Amazon: what do we expect?

In contrast to Black Friday, the offers from the spring promotion week at Amazon will prove to be fairly moderate. There are good deals here and there, but many products will certainly be repeated and included again every day. The day specials will probably be very interesting. What do you expect from the spring promotion week at Amazon?


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