Seattle’s ExtraHop expects $ 100 million ARR in 2020, IPO the following year – TechCrunch

Hello and welcome Let’s return to our usual morning look at private companies, public markets and intermediate gray space.

Today we continue our series on companies that have reached the annual recurring revenue threshold (ARR) of $ 100 million, or are about to do so. ExtraHop is the company of the day, a Seattle-based company that deals with cloud analysis and a part of the security world called “network detection and response.”

ExtraHop It is interesting for its scale, its IPO plans and its history of capital efficiency. Regular readers will remember that we have praised Braze and Egnyte in this series, noting that, compared to some unicorns and other members of the $ 100 million ARR club, they have raised modest sums. Both have raised a multiple of ExtraHop’s known capital account.

TechCrunch yesterday contacted by telephone with ExtraHop CEO Arif Kareem and CFO Bill Ruckelshaus to investigate further. Here is what we learned.


Along with its ARR and IPO notes that we will discuss shortly, ExtraHop announced a series of financial metrics this morning, which include: more than $ 150 million in reserves in 2019, compared to more than $ 100 million in 2018; and revenue growth of “more than” 40% in 2019, a threshold that was also eliminated in 2018.

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