Home tech Search for my iPhone for murder. More information - Day 7

Search for my iPhone for murder. More information – Day 7

Apple's various services are known to save lives and help users, but this time it's different because it caused a property Find my iphone In a murder.

The story began after Catherine Taylor suspected her husband, James Taylor, of stealing several cars and her son. Because the local police had repaired only one of James Taylor's missing cars, the woman decided to keep following her husband in the hope of revealing where the other car had been stolen.

This was not very difficult, with function enabled Find my iPhone On her iPad, Catherine Taylor followed her ex-husband's whereabouts until she noticed that he was approaching her son's home.

Katherine immediately warned her son of imminent danger, but before the police arrived at the house, the woman had already died, while the son managed to defend himself by defeating his former husband several times.

The guilty party is now accused of murder, burglary, attempted murder, first-class burglary, illegal use of a firearm, and third-degree sexual assault.


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