Samsung's Bixby Marketplace is active to allow any developer to make Bixby shares


Samsung's Bixby was announced more than two years ago and has been the main assistant for Galaxy flagship phones ever since. He has become one of the most pampered digital assistants out there, mainly because of how Samsung tries to force him on people. Samsung's Bixby Marketplace tries to change it by making it more useful. The Marketplace allows developers to create and add their services to Bixby.

This feature of the Bixby Marketplace is finally available to everyone today. It was announced at the Samsung Developer Conference 2018 as Samsung's way to open Bixby to more developers and allow more apps to support it. Since November 2018, it has been a closed beta for development tools.

Bixby market

The marketplace is available in the United States on any Bixby 2.0 compatible device. All you have to do is update Bixby through the Samsung Galaxy Store. The Bixby Marketplace will be at your fingertips on the home screen and will let you see all the apps and services supported within Bixby. If you see one that is not included in Bixby, you can select it and add it to your device.

It has been almost 8 months since Samsung first announced the Bixby Marketplace closed beta. The developers have had access to test and publish capsules all this time. However, on launch day, there are a total of two new capsules. Every other service, like Uber, Yelp, 1-800 Flowers and others, has been present since Bixby 2.0 was announced with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. This is a disappointing launch of a new service to which Samsung has dedicated a hardware button for many flagship phones.

If you are one of the few people interested in the Bixby Marketplace, you can download the update from the Galaxy Store in the US today. Samsung has not yet released a release program for the United States outside. If you are interested in developing Bixby Marketplace, you can consult the Bixby Developer Center for more information.

Source: Bixby developer blog from Samsung

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